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ESPN 97.5 to trot out new local lineup


Our station, ESPN 97.5, will shift its lineup starting Monday, going local in every major day part with the exception of morning drive, which will remain Mike and Mike.

After Mike and Mike, John and Raheel with Del will move to 9-11 a.m., followed by Unfiltered from 11-1.

A new local show featuring Joel Blank and Barry Laminack and Travis Johnson will run from 1-4 p.m.

The Blitz, our show, will remain in the 4-7 slot.



For a rundown of the new lineup, click here.


5 Comments on ESPN 97.5 to trot out new local lineup

  1. Yoshio Romero // August 31, 2016 at 10:23 pm // Reply

    How do I enter in logo contest?!?!


  2. What logo contest? Too late to enter?


  3. Stupid to take off russilo and kannell


  4. Well that is the end of sport talk at 1pm. I have listen the guys at 1pm and they are boring and like a focus on today’s sports new. They talk about personel things.


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