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Welcome to Houston sports and stuff

So welcome to Houston Sports and Stuff. This is our website for all things Houston. We will update it during the week with links to pertinent sports stories as well as funny and weird tales from all over.

The site has had incredible response so far. Initially, it was a place to post columns on the Texans and Houston sports that once appeared on the now defunct We also wanted to have a place to post fiction and commentary on TV, movies, music, etc., all with a Houston flair.


Fred Running trimmed

The possibilities beyond that are limitless, and we are already seeing immense growth. We have added significant guest submissions, additional contributors and much more, and there is room to keep growing. (No, I can’t pay you. Yet). We hope to add a web TV show at the first of the year.

Like most things I love being involved with, the only limit is our imaginations. Please share with your friends. I want this to be a place where we can have fun, talk sports and have some good, healthy debate. This won’t be a First Take site; nothing will be forced. You will get honest opinion. You can agree or disagree, but hopefully we always do it with respect.

You also won’t see slide shows or pop ups. I am fundamentally opposed to both.

The site is designed by an incredibly talented young man named Stephan Kotin, who is co-owner. He also runs a dynamic web design business, which you should check out at if you are in the market for such a thing.

Please support our awesome sponsors, who make this site possible. And check out our podcasts of the show at and more great station content at

Follow me on Twitter @fredfaour for notifications on updates. Any suggestions or possible submissions should be emailed to You can also hit me up there if you wish to advertise.

Welcome to

Fred Faour

6 Comments on Welcome to Houston sports and stuff

  1. What’s goin on Fred. I was trying to find your blog on your favorite picks for football this week. What’s the link to get to it?


  2. I will have complete picks tomorrow but some early picks are on the daily update…just go to the home page and it will scroll…


  3. Kevin Faichtinger // September 29, 2016 at 11:49 pm // Reply

    Hey Fred, great site man. I’ve been a listener since you and Matt were on Sunday’s. I work a ton of weekends and that show kept my sanity mostly in tact. I have a question I’ve wanted to ask you for a very long time. Have you ever heard of the band Coheed and Cambria? I know your a writer and musician so I thought maybe I’d introduce you if you’re not familiar. The lead singer Claudio Sanchez wrote a series of comic books and short stories then created a band that tells the stories through there songs. You guys were talking about Bronies the other day and your obsession with G.O.T so I thought I would share my “nerd out” thing. I really think it’s something you would like and appreciate. Thanks for all the years of entertainment and cheers to many more to come. Stay sportsy and stuff!


  4. What up Blitzers?! Sports!


  5. Great Site and Show. Been a fan since you guys where on at the lunch hour! Keep, Keeping it Real!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. SPORTS….. and stuff, been a listener since the Blitz became drive time and, with the exception of a few appearances by Barry Warner on the show, have thoroughly loved the show. It’s great to have a home where I’m not the only degenerate. Keep on doing your thing and keeping it real.


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