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Five things in Houston sports for today, Sept. 1



So welcome to the site. We will have something like this posted every weekday. We hope to make it your morning guide to all things Houston sports.


Get ready to see a lot of Brandon Weeden tonight. 


Programming note: The Blitz will be at Nick’s Place, 2713  Rocky Ridge today and Constellation Field in Sugarland tomorrow. Drop by either remote and say hello.

  1. The Astros finished off a sweep of the Athletics. I will stick to my prediction: If they survive this stretch of Rangers/Indians/Cubs/Rangers and are just two games out of a wild card spot, they make the playoffs.

2. The most memorable part of the game was Miss Texas USA blowing the first pitch. At least she’s hot. There’s that going for her.

3. So CBS wishes fans had more patience with Mike Carey? How about not sucking at your job…

4. James Harden’s shoes might be getting ripped, but they did not make this list. A pair of former Rockets did, however.

5. So the Texans finish off the preseason against the Dallas Cowboys tonight. While fans on Facebook will make a big deal out of it, the final preseason game means nothing. Maybe someone gets a practice squad spot out of it, or gets an “injury” so they can be stashed on IR for a year.

The Texans will enter the season with depth on defense, some new weapons on offense and gaping question marks about the offensive line.

ESPN did its prediction of the 53-man roster. I see areas where I believe they are off-base. First, there will likely be an offensive lineman (or even two) snatched off the waiver wire, specifically interior guys. Second, I could see them going with an extra linebacker and maybe one fewer safety. Finally, I think Akeem Hunt makes the roster, perhaps over Jonathan Grimes.


“You a bounty hunter?”

“Man’s gotta do something for a living these days.”

“Dyin ain’t much of a living, boy.”

— Clint Eastwood, The Outlaw Josey Wales





2 Comments on Five things in Houston sports for today, Sept. 1

  1. On the Texans roster make up. Isn’t Nick Martin already on IR for the year? Why would they show him on the 53 man roster?


  2. dragonman409 // September 1, 2016 at 2:46 pm // Reply

    He wasn’t when they did this list. I think Duane Brown will be on the PUP list too.


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