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A Labor Day sports update for Sept. 5



Programming note: You might be off today, but we aren’t. The Blitz and our all new local lineup will be on as usual today. Tune in while you are grilling and drinking

Man, what an awesome weekend in college football. There is so much to take away from this weekend, but we will hit the highlights:

Charlie Strong and the Texas Longhorns got a major statement win, knocking off Notre Dame despite damned near blowing it thanks to a blocked extra point. I have been saying the Longhorns would be better than people think this year. One game in and that prediction looks good.

A&M won a big one, too, knocking off Josh Rosen and UCLA after blowing a late lead.

And we already know about Houston’s signature win over Oklahoma.

The state should have five teams ranked in the next poll — UH, Texas, A&M, TCU and Baylor, which looked like it has not missed a beat despite all the offseason turmoil.

You simply could not ask for a better start to the season if you are a fan of any of the Texas teams. Houston will be in the top 10, and deservedly so. Watch out for that Thursday night game in Cincinnati, though. Potential trap game.

Meanwhile, the Texans cut some familiar names in getting the roster down to 53. They cut some quality players, which is the sign of a good, deep team. Now it needs to translate to wins on the field.

The Astros finally got a win against the Rangers, but lost two of three to them — again. The gauntlet stays tough as they now get four games with the Indians. The Astros simply have to get a split at worst in Cleveland if they want to keep their wild card hopes alive.

Finally, this has to be Gem of the Day, right? Florida…


“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we are free to do anything.”

— Tyler Durden, Fight Club





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