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Daily sports update for Sept. 7


“You wrote this, so you suck.”

We begin the day with a brief rant.

Please don’t be “blanket statement guy (or girl).”

Our society has devolved politically into a rhetoric-based, push-button topic rant fest. It started with sports, which is fine, because sports is entertainment. But now it is become the norm for topics that really matter. (And yes, I have an entire audio book planned on how this and the death of print media is destroying American democracy, so there is no way to cover it all here. And it will get done at some point. I have a lot of other stuff going on right now).

The idea that socialized heath care might be a good thing? Forget anything else you think. You are a liberal. Period. Oh, you think socialized medicine is a good thing? The you MUST be for free college, too. How can you not? After all, you are a liberal.

How dumbed down has society become?

In sports, “Oh, he threw two interceptions. He sucks. Period.” What if they were perfect passes off the receiver’s hands? “Doesn’t matter. He still sucks.”

“Oklahoma lost to Houston. The Sooners suck. LSU lost to Wisconsin. Fire Les Miles.”

We need to take a step back in all the things and look deeper. Ask why things happened. Analyze as we go. It has become too easy to let other people think for us and go for the instant gratification, quick twitter take.

It’s also dangerous. We reward trolls with monster contracts on networks. And people take them seriously. All that does is breed more trolls.

When we stop thinking for ourselves, we let other people do it for us.  And that’s how we wind up with the presidential candidates we have.

OK, on to sports:

Astros get another good win: Jose Altuve is in a slump.The back order of the batting order is loaded with .214 hitters. Dallas Keuchel appears to be dead.But somehow they have won three in a row against good teams, beating Cleveland again last night. They are only two games out of a wild card spot.

Um, yeah, good idea: Bill O’Brien is focused on getting the Texans off to a fast start. More importantly, only one more day until the NFL! And the Texans season starts Sunday!

Feels like it has been forever.


This story speaks for itself: This is the juggalo story we discussed on air, in case you missed it. It’s worth reading the whole thing.  A good laugh but don’t be eating breakfast.

And now the rest of the world is noticing UH: I still don’t think the Big 12 will expand. But if they do, Houston is by far the best candidate. Market size? Check. Facilities? Check? Access to NRG? Check. Academics? Check. TV ratings? Check. Success on the field? This program has been good for 10 years now. And yet early in the process, the national media was focused on crap schools like UConn. It’s funny how now that they have a big win, suddenly everybody notices. UH won’t get in the Big 12 because it beat OU. It will get in because it brings more to the table than any other candidate.

And we have more stuff: Check out Chris Adams’ review of No Label’s Brew of H. Yes, we will have more beer reviews.

Plus more on college football: Sean Swinney tells us what he learned week 1.

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