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NFL fantasy rankings for Week 1

Will Antonio Brown get the Steelers back to the Super Bowl?

So the goal is to get our own rankings up here soon (sorry gang, this is still a startup. We’re adding features as fast as we can). But for now, here are some links to sites we respect to help you get the best lineup possible so you can beat the tar out of your friends. Unless, of course, you are playing me in one of your leagues. In which case these rankings are all in reverse order…

Our personal favorite: Our good buddy Christopher Harris appears on the Blitz each week. He has a terrific fantasy podcast and an all-around great fantasy site at Here are his week 1 rankings. To be honest, you can probably stop here.

The old standby: ESPN has an army of people whose only job is to do this. Not the easiest site to navigate but there are rankings of all positions here.

Another behemoth: CBS Sports is probably just as pot committed as ESPN when it comes to fantasy. Again, the site is a bit too much, but there is no shortage of info.

Solid, but not spectacular: Of course, Fox sports is in on the deal, too. At least these are easier to navigate. 

Good luck and stay tuned. 122115-nfl-antonio-brown-pi-mp-vresize-1200-675-high-11

You don’t have to go far to find Antonio Brown in any of these weekly rankings.

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