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Quick weather update: Yes, it’s still hot and muggy in H-Town


Fall is on the way

Are you ready for cooler weather? The signs of fall are in the air. Football, shorter days, pumpkin spice lattes – if you’re into that sort of thing. Well get ready for fall… unless you live in Houston.

A cold front is making its way down from the Pacific Northwest bringing with it cooler temperatures and more of a fall-like feeling. But not here in Houston. Instead the warm air will win out and we’ll be stuck with rain and mugginess, while folks only as far north as  Amarillo will be lucky enough to experience lows in the mid 50s Saturday night to Sunday morning. So if you’re going to the game in Stillwater, Okla. to watch OSU play, you might want to pack a light jacket. Even Dallas will make it into the mid 60’s by Saturday night. But it will be 10-20 degrees warmer here in Houston. So don’t break out the parkas just yet.

But don’t sweat it Houstonians – we should have our first real change in temperatures sometime in the middle of the month. Not tights and fur boots weather just yet but enough to give the a/c unit some rest maybe even enough to open some windows.


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