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Daily update for Sept. 9 with Texans, gambling plays and funeral weirdness

Site note: No post tomorrow unless something major happens. Expect a writeup on the Texans as soon as the game is over on Sunday.


Happy Friday Friday. The weekend is almost here, and we have real NFL football. The negative? As good as last week’s college football slate was, this one is pathetic. The best game is probably TCU-Arkansas. After that? Virginia Tech-Tennessee? Ugh. At least the Texans, Cowboys and Saints all have real games.

The NFL season opened last night with a Super Bowl rematch. The Broncos — who are a good team, but were also insanely lucky last year on their way to the Super Bowl — pulled off another luckbox win, beating the Panthers again, this time thanks to a Graham Gano missed field goal at the buzzer.

Still, a hell of a game to open the season.

So let’s take a look at what’s happening in the local world:

Art Briles really needs to shut up: Until it came out he  sanctioned rape, I was a big Briles guy. He was responsible for making Houston relevant again, then making Baylor a monster powerhouse. But he is now basically on tour begging for a job, theoretically at the behest of his agents. He has obviously hired a crisis management team as well, and keeps repeating the same thing. He made “mistakes.” He’s “sorry.” It’s rehearsed, rhetoric crap. How can this man even think he can get a job? And where is the NCAA? Jim Tressel gets banned for tattoos while a rape monger can go around begging for a job? Reason No. 276 I fear for the future of this country.

Not so good: After winning the first two games in Cleveland, the Astros lost again yesterday to split the four-game series. Injuries to the pitching staff have caused serious problems. Tell me again why they gave away Scott Feldman at the trade deadline?

What about the Texans? Call me crazy, but I think this team has a chance to be special. The defense will be terrific, and the offense should generate more points this year. The Bears are kind of a mess, so the Texans should start the season 1-0. Five thirty eight has them winning the AFC South. I think they will, and win a playoff game as well. I have the Steelers winning the AFC, however. 

J.J. Watt will be back on the field, and all is right with the world.

Update on our gamblin’ plays: We will definitely hit a small ticket on Syracuse tonight, which has gone to plus-15.5 on my site, I might wait until right before game time to see if it climbs a little more. Friday night home dog and overvalued runaway winner. Might not hit but the kind of play I love to make. We will also stick with Washington State getting 11.5 from Boise. One added play: Michigan/Central Florida OVER 53. I’m also going to monitor the Purdue-Cincy line. Purdue is plus 6 right now. If it gets to 7, I am on the Boilermakers.

In the NFL, I am taking two plays: Bills plus 3.5, and Saints-Raiders over 51.5. One CFL play as well: Saskatchewan plus-7.5.

For my hockey friends only: I will probably hit up The Maple Leaf Pub tonight to watch the U.S.-Canada exhibition after the show. It’s meaningless, but it is hockey. Canada is the heavy favorite according to Bovada, but I like the value on Team USA and Team North America. Come say hello.

And what is the world coming to? Tampons in the men’s room? I have no words.

I admit, I love messing around at funerals: But this lady went just a bit too far.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. Hope to see some of you out drinking in downtown/midtown.


In my philosopher power rankings, this guy is a clear No. 1. The Cave Parable is the best metaphor for life ever written. After dealing with trolls all week, this quote sums things up perfectly:

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.”
— Plato



2 Comments on Daily update for Sept. 9 with Texans, gambling plays and funeral weirdness

  1. I hit on the under last night in the panthers game, barely, but I hit. Hopefully, this will be a good weekend.


  2. I also played Minnesota. I feel good on that one.


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