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Overrated Fisher, Astros, injury updates and bad kid stories: The update for Sept. 13


Jeff Fisher has people fooled. Somehow the world thinks this guy can coach because his team once made a miracle run to the Super Bowl.

But when you look a little closer, you see a pattern of mediocrity. Fisher has had two — that’s right, two — winning seasons since 2004. His last one was in 2008 in Tennessee. (USA Today does a nice job illustrating his mediocrity here).


Jeff Fisher should be smiling. After all, he has remained employed despite a highly mediocre record.

In fact, in 22 years as a head coach — a career which started rather ingloriously with the Houston Oilers — he has had just six winning seasons. (Four of those came in a five-year stretch from 1999-2003 when Steve McNair was playing like an MVP).

No. 7 won’t happen this year. The Rams lost to the West Coast version of the Browns, falling to Chip Kelley’s 49ers.  Former UH and Texans quarterback Case Keenum was like the rest of his team — abysmal. He was just 17 of 35 for a woeful 130 yards and two picks. His QB rating was an anemic 34.2. He is just holding the job down until Jared Goff is ready, but he won’t hold it down for long playing like that. It was just an awful game to watch.

The Steelers-Redskins was a little more fun, simply because Antonio Brown is worth the price of admission. So is Big Ben.

Stop us if you have heard this before: The Rangers beat the Astros. Really not a whole lot left to say about these guys at this point.

In other non-news: Street flooding this morning. Is it ever going to stop raining in this city? Monsoon season has lasted all year.

Injury updates: The University of Houston should be at full strength for Thursday’s game at Cincinnati..A look at Brian Cushing’s injury….J.J. Watt came out of the opener with no issues.

For my friends with kids: A few messed up stories about people’s young ‘uns. Guessing you probably have a few of your own.


“Give me fiction! Reality is so overrated.”

— Lily Velden

Yeah, that quote could apply to Jeff Fisher as well.

1 Comment on Overrated Fisher, Astros, injury updates and bad kid stories: The update for Sept. 13

  1. Jeff Fisher face was in full effect on Monday night. I was having the most glorious feeling of schadenfreude during that game!


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