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Patriots prove Texans are the sucker at the table

There is an old adage in poker: If you can’t spot the sucker at the table, you are the sucker.

Thursday night, the Texans were the sucker, as they got drilled in New England once again.

It did not matter that there was no Tom Brady. Or even Jimmy Garappolo.

The Texans got clobbered 27-0. The game really wasn’t that close. It came down to one simple fact: Bill Belichick and his staff are just light years ahead of Bill O’Brien and his.

The Patriots were ready for everything the Texans did. They took advantage of every  Texans’ weakness. It was like watching Phil Ivey play poker with a beginner who watched Ivey on TV and thought he could play with him.

The reality is coaching is the most important part of football. O’Brien and his staff were tentative and conservative against their mentors. Belichick was aggressive, smarter, and did everything right. Add in a few stupid turnovers, and the Texans never had a chance.

Charles James made his debut on the kick return team with a ridiculous fumbles. Brock Osweiler had a bad pick, but that was basically on a great Patriots scheme.

The Texans are still a good team. They will win a lot of games. Talent wise, they are better than the Patriots. But this was about game theory and coaching. And no one is better at that than the Pats.

O’Brien is a good coach. He ran into a much better one. That’s why Ivey rakes in chips and wannabe’s gives them away.

That’s what the Texans did Thursday night. They were the suckers at the table.


3 Comments on Patriots prove Texans are the sucker at the table

  1. Thought the second fumble was ervin not cjII? Belicheck didnt even need worms mechanic skills tonight


  2. This game was so freakin’ boring… The Texans might be a playoff team but that’s about it. They won’t stand a chance against elite teams with exceptional coaching. This was just an overall terrible game from everyone, especially special teams. The defense held it’s own for as long as they could but they weren’t getting anything from the offense.


  3. If the Patriots win all four games while Brady is out, then with a pissed off Brady at the helm they might make a run at 19-0….


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