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Rough night for Houston sports fans, some gambling plays, weed and testicles: The update for Sept. 23

So your first thought this morning is that the Texans are an embarrassment. And no matter how many times you watch that game, you see the same thing. A 27-0 butt whipping where the Texans were badly outcoached. 

The instant overreaction gang will tell you the Texans are crap. Brock Osweiler was a mistake. The defense is a joke. J.J. Watt is overrated. And last night, all that was true.

For one game.

But the beauty of football is that it is a long season. Teams can improve. Teams can adjust.

Despite Thursday night’s disaster, the Texans are still 2-1. Most people would have put them at 1-2 after the first three games. They will get better. Remember how terrible they looked against the Falcons and Dolphins last year, but they bounced back and had a winning record.

Bill O’Brien did not have any answers in his press conference any more than he did on the sideline, other than to say it was “execution.” Yes, Bill, your team was executed. He always says the same thing when they lose — the Texans have to coach better and play better. Thursday night was about both, especially the coaching. The Texans have been prone to these blowout losses under O’Brien. They get outschemed, fall behind, panic and the game gets away from them.

This was a bad performance — no, an awful, no-positives-to-be-found kind of performance — in a game that was a bad matchup. And there’s no reason to think if these teams make the playoffs and face off again that the result would be any different. But the sun came up today. There will be other chances and there are still 13 more games to go.

Thankfully, there are no more against the Patriots.

More bad news: You probably missed it, but the Astros dropped one to the Angels and are now 1.5 games out of the wild card. There are just not enough games left for the Astros  to have setbacks like this if they are going to make the playoffs.

Minor tweaking: The Rockets made a trade yesterday, sending Michael Beasley to Milwaukee.  Not sure Ennis provides much but OK. It’s a trade.

Gambling plays: We will have the full gambling guide later today, but definitely on Utah tonight and Nebraska tomorrow. Stay tuned.

I’m guessing you guys could use a laugh this morning…So look at it this way: Things  could be much worse. You could be this guy. Weed and testicles. If that doesn’t make you read it, nothing will.


“We have to coach better, we have to play better.”

— Bill O’Brien after any one of the 16 losses the Texans have had under his guidance.



1 Comment on Rough night for Houston sports fans, some gambling plays, weed and testicles: The update for Sept. 23

  1. Nice article. The lengths that people go to come up with other ways to stone out never cease to amaze. Booked Utah and Neb. Thanks for the tips.


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