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The debate (sort of), football, snakes, bad nudity and a rare politician’s quote that made sense: The update for Sept. 27

So last night’s debate was the bleepfest we expected. At least the rest of the world is getting a good laugh at our expense. I thought this tweet from Ross Bolen summed it up perfectly:

Republican: “Trump is destroying her!”

Democrat: “Hillary is making him look like a fool!”

Libertarian: *chugs bottle of Xanax*

I can’t imagine anyone deciding who to vote for based on this silly debate, but the world was watching. Over 100 million people reportedly were tuning in to see Thing 1 and Thing 2. As for me, I preferred the twitter reaction. It was much more interesting.

As to who won? Who knows? Some experts give you their thoughts here.  That’s for media heads to debate and decide and overvalue. In truth, this is just more reality TV. Our political process has become such a joke that we are choosing who runs the country based on a clownfest.

I just found it entertaining. We are screwed no matter which of these knuckleheads gets in. Might as well enjoy the circus along the way.

Gambling wrapup: The Saints and Falcons went over without any sweat last night, so we finished 6-3 (I was 6-2 on my plays) on our gambling guide. That’s a good week. Hope those of you who indulge made money.

Oh, and the Saints are 0-3: This was their worst effort yet. Maybe they can get with their friends up the road and fire the most successful coach they have ever had. And of course the most common names in that search are having to issue denials.

Adios, Astros: There wasn’t much doubt left, but Monday’s loss to the Mariners put the final nail in the coffin for the Astros playoff hopes. They aren’t mathmatically eliminated, but  realistically there are. It was a good run, but losing four out of five down the stretch against teams you should be able to beat is a killer. Still, a pretty good season considering all the injuries.

Another view: Our buddy Hot Dog Holly wraps up the football weekend. She is not kind to Adam Gase.

Snake in the class: Why do people mess with snakes? This guy was captured in a school, and the idiots want a picture. How do you think it ended? Stop messing with snakes, people. And bears. And scorpions. And anything else that can kill you.

Oh, Florida: It’s bad enough that you had a naked Donald Trump statue. Now one of your own has stolen it? I can’t imagine what unspeakable horrors  are  being done to that statue even as we speak.


In honor of the debates…they shot this guy for making comments like this:

“Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.”

John F. Kennedy

1 Comment on The debate (sort of), football, snakes, bad nudity and a rare politician’s quote that made sense: The update for Sept. 27

  1. Maybe if the Saint’s fire Payton this week then Louisana will have fired the two biggest coaches in the state in the same week.


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