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Dead J.J., Florida orgies and shame bells all around: The update for Sept. 28

By now, you have heard the news regarding J.J. Watt. He has re-injured his back and went on injured reserve today. He will miss a large chunk of the season if not all of it. By going on IR, he has to miss at least eight weeks of the season.

The team will sign former Texan Antonio Smith to add depth to a suddenly ordinary defensive line.

While we have already looked at the impact and repercussions, there is another element to this that might be more interesting.

Remember when Watt finished second in the MVP voting and people in Houston were livid he did not win? This will be an interesting test case. If the Texans can continue to win — and there are reasons to think they can — and make the playoffs without Watt, then it is a pretty good argument against him being the most valuable player in the the league. Simply put, how can you be MVP if your team does just as well without you?

If the defense tanks and falls apart, the argument is strengthened the other way.

No matter what, it will be interesting to see what happens. Does Jadeveon Clowney thrive in a bigger role or does he shrink? Can the rest of the defense continue to play at an elite level (Patriots game notwithstanding) without him? You could argue they really have not had the real J.J. Watt this season, although teams still had to scheme to stop him. There are no positives to losing your best defensive player. But we will see just how much of an impact he really has and we will also see if this defense is good enough to overcome his loss.

Still hanging around: The Astros have almost zero shot at the second wild card, but they dealt the Mariners a blow and kept their slimmest of hopes alive. Those blown games against the Angels last weekend are looming large now.  They are 2.5 games back with four to play. In reality they have to win out and hope like hell the Orioles, Tigers and Mariners lose out. Just don’t see it happening.

In case you missed it…We posted a J.J. Watt story last night. Also, our good buddy Lamont Mann weighed in on the debates.  And an absolutely hilarious blind date story from our good friend Barry Laminack. Look for more from those guys in the coming months.

Now, on to the shame report…(I think we will make this a weekly thing).


Back to the Texans.Bill O’Brien topped a list you never want to be on. Hard to argue with it. I’m guessing every Texans fan in America would agree. You could also make a strong case that O’Brien and Watt are to blame for Watt’s latest injury. Regardless, Shame bell No. 1.


Basebrawls are dumb: They really are. One of the most stupid, silly things in a sport filled with stupid, silly things. And when you suffer this kind of injury because of one? Shame bell No. 2.


The spiral continues: We had a J.J. Watt story up last night before did. So did a lot of people. It was the biggest story of the Texans year so far, and the biggest dog on the block missed the boat. It really is sad to see the demise of newspapers in general and the Chronicle in particular, especially when it comes to their pathetic, slide-show infested web site. There are incredibly talented people there — Randy Harvey, Jerome Solomon, John McClain, David Barron, Joseph Duarte, among others — but the lack of resources and support is rendering them irrelevant. The web site was once a point of pride. Now it is run from New York as part of a centralized effort to save money. But hey, make sure you click on these 100 reasons to read so we can fool advertisers into thinking we are getting more page views than we actually are. It’s sad that so many brilliant, talented people are seeing their work buried or marginalized for clickbait by people in another state. Shame bell No. 3.

Meanwhile...I don’t know who is doing their  internet ad targeting on me, but they need to go back to the drawing board. is not something that is on my radar.

And finally, Florida: No shame bell for this, because…well, it’s Florida. It’s completely natural. Apparently orgies there lead to stabbings. (With knives, sickos). 


“There’s a hard life for every silver spoon
There’s a touch of grey for every shade of blue
That’s the way that I see life
If there was nothing wrong
Then there’d be nothing right…

…What a shame, what a shame
To judge a life that you can’t change.”

— Shinedown, What a Shame



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  1. Chron used to be my go-to site for my morning news or when I just needed to know about something more in-depth.


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