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Donald vs Hillary: Debate Observations

Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is a Twitter superstar (@sportsmedialm) who is a frequent social media contributor on the Blitz. He has also written for other web sites around town and he has very strong political opinions. In this piece he looks at Monday’s presidential debate.


The Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump debate was entertaining.  I do not support either candidate, therefore I watched for entertainment purposes only.  Below are a few things that jumped out during the debate and the post-debate coverage:

The first 30 minutes, Trump owned Hillary.  It felt as if she was not prepared for Trump’s rhetoric.  As the debate continued, Hillary gradually regained her footing as she displayed her knowledge of policy.

Trump tried to brand Hillary as a career politician as Hillary tried a few  buzz phrases like “Trump Trickle Down Economics.” 

Trump was on the defensive the majority of the debate, which is odd because he is the challenger.  Hillary is an extension of President Obama’s presidency.  Usually, the challenger is more offensive.

Similar to Bernie Sanders, Trump agreed with Hillary entirely too much. I counted four times where Trump agreed with Hillary.

Hillary was not asked about Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation nor Libya.  She was asked about her emails.

I thought Hillary’s best line is when she said she was preparing for the Presidency. In addition to that, I thought Hillary was masterful in allowing Trump to talk because it came off as rambling.  Trump had the time of possession but Hillary used her time much more effectively.

Trump’s best line was “Bad Experience.”  Hillary tried to bring up her experience, and Trump countered with Bad Experience.


Personally, I believe Hillary won the debate, or earned a draw at best.  However, that is looking at a debate in the traditional sense and this election cycle is all but traditional.  It’s impossible to watch debates or this election cycle the way we are accustomed.  To prove this, the morning after, just about every major network and website with polling had Trump winning.  The only network that had Hillary winning was CNN.

All of the media and pundit class had Hillary winning, but the voting populace thought different.  As I thought about it, this is not abnormal this year with Trump.  Of the 12 primary debates, I thought he loss the majority of them but the polls always showed him winning.

In conclusion, Trump left a lot of meat on the bone.  There were many things Trump could have hit her on but he did not.  I believe Trump is saving his ammunition for the last debate on Fox News.

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