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UH football, a moose, penis biting spiders…we will stop there. The update for Sept. 29

So a big night for the University of Houston, as the Cougars host UConn — the only team to beat them last season — in a Thursday night game.

The Cougars have three Thursday night games this season, having already played at Cincinnati. They will host Louisville later in the season in what could be the game of the year in college football if the Cardinals get past Clemson on Saturday and also remain undefeated.

Last year’s game was a classic trap for the Cougars, and UConn is a tough trip. UH, which doesn’t turn the ball over, had four in that game, and Greg Ward Jr. did not play.

Expect a much different result from a motivated Cougars team that is much better prepared for this opponent.

Gambling perspective: UConn was the only loss of the Tom Herman era. The Cougars know that. The spread is 28.5 — which is about right — but I would expect Houston to cover. (Disclaimer: If you know me, you know I don’t bet on UH games). I do like the over 49 quite a bit. The Cougars may do that on their own. So first official play of the week is over 49. Our other bet tonight? We take another swing at the over 6 goals in the World Cup of Hockey final. Canada should wrap it up tonight.

Don’t do it: The Texans are terrible at managing injuries. We saw that with J.J. Watt. Brian Cushing returned to practice yesterday. If the Texans continue to be stupid, he plays on Sunday. Free advice: Sit him. Give him another week. You should not need him against the Titans. If you can’t beat them without him…well, you aren’t good enough for it to matter anyway.

Bad way to go out: Doug Fister, who has been solid for the Astros all season until the last month, got eaten alive by the Mariners in what was likely his last start as an Astro. It was also the final game this season at Minute Maid Park. Adios, Tal’s Hill.

You deserved it: Fighting is stupid. There is really no way around it. Unless you are in a cage or ring, in which case I love it. But if you are drunk outside a bar, just go home. Otherwise you might pick a fight with bouncer who also happens to be an undefeated MMA fighter. You will never guess how that ended.

Thoughts and prayers: Yes, there is an app for that…

Spider manhood? Yes, this guy has been bitten on the penis by a spider. TWICE.

Hey Galveston people, can we help out a friend? Please vote for our friends at Getme under cab services. 

New release: We have a fantastic new audio book out as of today from Gow Media Audio Publishing. This is an inspirational book that can change your life for the better. Ivette Mayo is a terrific speaker. Check it out if you are looking to get the most out of yourself.

Moose on the loose: You know how I always want to see a moose when I go to Saskatchewan and it never happens? Yeah, this guy was just wondering around my in-laws front yard. (Hard to see because it was foggy). I’ve been in that house 50 times. No moose. FML. The Moose brigade is just making fun of me now.




“A gun is a necessity. Who knows if you’re walking down a street and you spot a moose?”

— Pat Paulsen

Actually, Pat, I know. I NEVER see a moose. Dammit.

2 Comments on UH football, a moose, penis biting spiders…we will stop there. The update for Sept. 29

  1. As if a trip to the port-a-potty wasn’t already scary enough….


  2. My mom was born in Anchorage, AK and they had a moose path across their front porch. The only ones I ever saw were in Estes Park, CO. They were all over the roads there that summer.


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