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Five web sites for S&S readers to check out

So I wanted to try something different today. Basically just a few sites to check out during the course of the week. For this week, we have three locals and two nationals. As with all the things we do, if people like it, we will keep doing it (if you have suggestions — especially local sites on sports, alcohol, TV or anything S&S readers might find entertaining, email me at If not? We will try something else.

  1. Hot Dog Holly was a Roc the Mic finalist. She does a lot of fun stuff on her site. Check it out here. Her Monday wrapups are funny and insightful. (Hint: Don’t screw her in fantasy or fail to cover a spread or you will face her wrath). Some really good looks at the NFL in general, and she has a “for the ladies” section our female readers will enjoy. Follow her on twitter @xoholly_
  2. Larry Brown Sports: One of my go-tos for show prep nationally is They do a good job of finding topical sports stories. You can follow the site on twitter @lbsports
  3. Foolish Watcher: For TV, check out the new site It features Therese Odell, who did the best Game of Thrones recaps when she was writing for the Chron’s Tubular TV blog. She does a lot of shows I don’t watch, but the rest of the world does, so chances are she is going to get something in your wheelhouse. Looking forward to Thrones season, because it will be a must read. Follow on twitter @Foolish_Watcher
  4. If you listen to the show, you know our friend RJ Bell (@rjinvegas on twitter) knows his stuff when it comes to sports wagering. He often references his site, The majority of the content is free. The podcasts and forums alone are worth it for anyone looking to gain insight into wagering.
  5. State of the Texans: There are several good sites for Texans info, and if we keep this going, we will hit on them all at some point. But Patrick Starr’s State of the Texans page is a must read. He is also a really good follow on twitter @PatDStat .

1 Comment on Five web sites for S&S readers to check out

  1. Good stuff. Looking forward to checking all of them out.


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