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Football wrapup, Westworld, disgusting old men, Cheetos and more: The update for Oct. 3

So we have already dived in to the Texans win over the Titans. The good news is the team appeared to get out of the game without any more serious injuries. Kareem Jackson’s hamstring appears to be OK,  and C.J. Fiedorowicz actually returned to the field after his scary knee injury.

The Texans are sitting 3-1 and in a good spot, but the road gets tougher. Next week they travel to Minnesota to face a rugged Vikings team. Then they host what is sure to be a desperate Indianapolis group, followed by a road trip to Denver, which has all the makings of a repeat of the New England fiasco. But if they can somehow go 2-1 in that stretch, they will be set up nicely. To do that they will need to play much better than they did Sunday.

Around the league: The Saints finally got a win, knocking off the Chargers in San Diego 35-34.…Dak Prescott continued his solid relief play, as the Cowboys beat a really bad 49ers team 24-17 after spotting them a 14-0 lead. Here is the full scoreboard.

Random college thoughts: That “demise of the SEC” narrative after week 1 shows why instant overreactions are just that. The SEC has six teams in the latest poll, including three in the top 10. Although that will sort itself out this week, as No. 8 A&M and No. 9 Tennessee square off. Big game for the Aggies against a Vols squad that is finding bizarre ways to win football games…The Big 12 probably still goes through Oklahoma. Texas’ defensive problems don’t appear to be getting fixed anytime soon, and the Sooners have a win in hand over TCU. Baylor remained unbeaten, but tough to have a lot of faith in a team that was all out to beat Iowa State…That Clemson-Louisville game was everything we could have hoped for from an entertainment standpoint. It really was a shame someone had to lose, but the pollsters did show respect to Louisville by only dropping them to No. 7. The Cardinals could be an interesting test case for the playoff committee if they win out. That showdown with UH still looms large for both teams. If the Cougars are to have a chance, they will need to be at full strength, and get this guy back in the lineup.

Gamblin’ recap: Listed games went 4-1. Actual plays went 3-1. A big thank you to Arizona State for choking like dogs and spoiling an otherwise perfect ledger. Biggest play of the week was Hawaii as a home dog and they won outright. We finally had a winning weekend on the NFL (well, 1-0 is a winning record after all) and remain on a pretty good run in the CFL (8 for our last 8). Hopefully those of you who indulge did well.

TV update: So two shows worth checking out…If you are a fan of the Evil Dead series, then Ash vs. Evil Dead is worth catching up on. Season 2 debuted last night. It’s basically campy horror to the nth degree with a lot of humor. Bruce Campbell is terrific as Ash. Just a fun show.

“Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?”

Westworld made its debut on HBO last night. This is one I have been waiting for, because I was terrified of the original as a kid (thanks, parents, for letting a 9-year-old watch that) and I am a fan of sex robots. And this show has no shortage of those. There was a lot of setup in episode 1, but it looks very promising. It had kind of a Leftovers feel to it; the scenes all seemed properly surreal. There is a good review here. 

Anthony Hopkins is his usual brilliant self, with a restrained madness simmering under the surface. Ed Harris is a nice tip to the old Yul Brynner character, but as a sadistic human. The use of music was terrific, from the piano version of Black Hole Sun, to the perfect use of Paint It Black in the saloon shootout scene.

I am very curious to see what happens next and if the show holds up longterm. If so we will start reviewing it here.

Guessing this is a hoax, but...If not, talk about disgusting. A 68 year old and a 24 year old? Gross. Something like 51 and 24 would be OK, but 68? Oh, then there’s that pesky granddaughter angle, which is wrong at any age…

If you like Cheetos…Don’t read this.  You will never look at them the same way.


“Hell is empty…and the devils are here.”

— Shakespeare, re-purposed last night by Peter Abernathy in Westworld



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  1. I went 7-3 on my plays. I am the opposite of you; I am doing great on my NFL games and so-so on college. My 3 losses were all very small plays, so I am good with that.


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