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Vice Presidential Debate: Pardon my interruption

Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is a Twitter superstar (@sportsmediaLM) who is a frequent social media contributor on the Blitz. He has also written for other web sites around town and he has very strong political opinions. In this piece he looks at Monday’s vice presidential debate.

The vice president’s debate is solely to push the presidential candidate’s agenda.  Vice presidential candidates are nothing more than a presidential cheerleader.

For the most part, vice presidential debates are boring.  Last night as I watched Mike Pence and Tim Kaine square off, I observed a few things:

Mike Pence

It was really hard for Pence to defend Donald Trump, therefore he had to rely on his own policies.

I do not think it was a good idea for Pence to open the door on abortion.  Democrats typically cream Republicans on all social issues.

Laugh out loud moment was Pence trying to push the narrative that Hillary’s campaign has been negative and mean spirited.  While this may be true, it sounds pretty lame coming from Trump’s side.  Trump’s campaign is the definition of negativity.  

Last night I saw a conservative (Pence) trying his best to defend a moderate Democrat (Trump).

Tim Kaine

I really couldn’t focus on content of the debate because of Kaine’s interruptions. He came off as obnoxious. If you turned on the TV last night and didn’t know either of these candidates, you would have thought Kaine was on the Trump ticket.   He has that same annoying debate persona as Trump.

It was obvious that Kaine was on a mission to reinforce Trump’s controversies. He was talking so fast and moving from point to point, that some of his points that were meant to be zingers were smothered.


It was a unanimous decision for Pence according to Fox News, CNN and MSNBC.  Lots of political pundits were annoyed with Kaine’s behavior.  Some pundits even said it looked like Pence was negotiating with a child or that Kaine acted like a barking little toy dog.   

VP debates do little from a polling aspect but last night, I don’t think Kaine did Hillary any favors.  If anything voters are thinking, “if Hillary dies, we have this guy?”


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