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A Facebook war, hurricanes, kiddie scorn, gambling and how to get out of testing positive for cocaine: The update for Oct. 7

Good morning! What a glorious day to be alive.

First off, I have to let everyone know I have no “decency” and no one would want to be me. If you are Facebook friends with me, you can check out that exchange from last night on my page. My tongue-in-cheek comments on copy editors yesterday struck a nerve with EXACTLY the people I was talking about.

Then Barry Laminack and Courtney Sellers — two very funny people — got involved. It was like watching the three musketeers dice up a couple of old, immobile cats. Worth your time if you have a few minutes.

Despite what you will read there, I am not a mean person. I love almost everybody. But I do have to admit it is kind of fun to flay somebody every now and then.

One of the guys chastising me was making jokes about the space shuttle the same day it went down. But I am a dickweed for joking about his profession? Then the same guy asks why I am being “defensive?” That is my favorite. People tee off on you thinking they can say whatever they want, you respond and castrate them, and you are being defensive or sensitive? Hint: If you go to that card, you have lost.

(As an aside, can anyone explain to me how people who are not my friends can post on my Facebook page?)

Thankfully most people who read this or listen to the Blitz get what we do. We make fun of everyone and everything, especially ourselves. That will never change. There is too much serious stuff going on in the world to make the little things a big deal. Hopefully you are here to be entertained and get some decent info along the way. And if you want to make fun of me, feel free. I won’t scream at you to get off my lawn. And I wish to thank those two gentlemen for confirming what I wrote about copy editors. And providing entertainment on an otherwise dull Thursday night.

On with the show: So Florida is taking a beating from Hurricane Matthew. There are some tracks that indicate it could circle back and hit the southern end of the state again.  I am fascinated by hurricanes. I suppose it is a product of spending my entire life on the Gulf Coast. We have had worse weather events, but there is something about the anticipation of a big storm. The media overplays it, and in most instances it is a dud. Hopefully this one will be as well. However, leave it to Fox News to tell everyone they are going to die. Embellish much?

Gamblin’: Wound up not playing anything last night. Had looked at the NFL under (would have been a failure) and Louisiana Tech plus 2 (they won by 3) so would have been a wash anyway. Will post the guide later today. Not anticipating a lot of action this weekend but we will find something to make money on.

Don’t press send: Yeah, those dickweeds last night probably should have stayed in their rooms at Glory Acres. But this kid should have learned the same lesson. He is an Astros prospect who tweeted that women should not be on ESPN. The world is too PC to be tweeting out things like that. I don’t agree with him (I actually think Jessica Mendoza is terrific), but it is an opinion. He is allowed to have one. Strange how the world works these days. A presidential candidate can say anything he wants and we shrug. A fringe baseball player tweets out something the PC police deem offensive and he is a terrible person.

Hey kids…I really enjoy MMA. But I don’t want to see your kid do it on TV. Our friend Phillip Barnard weighs in on televised kids fights in Chechnya. Good luck with that…

And finally...For my athlete friends or just anyone in general who has to be drug tested…This is the best excuse I have seen since Duane Brown’s Mexican meat defense. I love how they state he took “every precaution.” Dude picked up a chick off Craig’s List… 


For our Facebook warriors, who are clearly doing the latter:

“Get busy living or get busy dying.”

— Tim Robbins as Andy Dufresne, Shawshank Redemption


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