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Billy O says the same stuff about his QB, some early gambling thoughts, cat friendly wine and a trashy way to start the day: The update for Oct. 11


The fans are worried. I’m guessing the owner and GM are worried after staking their season on it. But Bill O’Brien is not worried about quarterback Brock Osweiler, who has regressed in each game, according to this site.

In truth, what else is he supposed to say? I bang on O’Brien a lot because he says the same stuff after every loss. You could probably cut and paste the “not worried about Osweiler” quotes from the last four weeks.

While it is still too early to tell, you would like to see some positives. The Colts game will be a pretty good indicator of what this team will be. The Colts play little to no defense, so if Osweiler is going to have a breakout game, now is the time. If not? Suddenly you are 3-3, tied with the Colts for first in the division and headed to Denver to get shellacked by the Broncos a week later with major questions about your shiny new expensive quarterback.

The Texans teams we have seen under O’Brien have had a tendency to lose this type of game. If they are to become a legitimate playoff contender, it is a must win. If not? Might want to start worrying, Billy.

Coog down: Tom Herman discussed several subjects in the wake of the Cougars devastating loss to Navy.

Final gambling recap: We closed out the weekend by hitting both ends of our CFL play yesterday (Calgary -9.5 and over 54.5). Calgary won 48-20. That’s a 7-0 streak to close the weekend after a tough beat to start it. We will take 7-1. For those of you who cashed and want to thank me, just pick up one of our great audio books, An Introduction to Sports Betting Blitz Style or Acing Racing if you have not done so already.

Looking ahead: Some games I am looking at on the early lines…Texas Tech has been good to us and a plus 1 at home against West Virginia might be a play. Lubbock is a huge homefield advantage and worth a couple extra points for teams traveling in from east of Oklahoma…UTSA is a 3-point favorite at Rice. UTSA is not as good on the road but Rice does not have a real homefield advantage. Will wait to run the numbers but liking UTSA…Vegas still loves Notre Dame and Stanford is not very good, but plus-3 on the Cardinal? Probably take that…Hawaii -8 at home against UNLV looks like a potential play…Nothing yet on the NFL. CFL lines are not yet up on my site.

Words are wind: The battle between LSU and Florida over rescheduling their game continues. 

Puck that: The NHL season cranks up tomorrow. If there is enough interest I will do a preview. Comment on here. If not, as always, we will find something else of interest.

Rockets dead stare: It’s no surprise that the Rockets appeared on this list. They have looked good in the preseason, but hey, it is preseason.

The grapes of…Cats?: There is a wine for everything now, including Hello Kitty? OK…

Trash man: Gotta feel for this guy. Bad enough to fall asleep in a dumpster. What transpired next was a little predictable.


“I have long understood that losing always comes with the territory when you wander into the gambling business, just as getting crippled for life is an acceptable risk in the linebacker business. They both are extremely violent sports, and pain is part of the bargain. Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

— The incomparable Hunter S. Thompson

9 Comments on Billy O says the same stuff about his QB, some early gambling thoughts, cat friendly wine and a trashy way to start the day: The update for Oct. 11

  1. Brian Flowers // October 11, 2016 at 12:58 pm // Reply

    A hockey season preview would be nice and appreciated.


  2. I Think Mike Babcock is turning the team around and I hated to lose him as a coach die hard wings fan. As far as betting on them I think Vegas will sleep on them starting the season


  3. Lumpy Space Princess // October 11, 2016 at 3:17 pm // Reply

    A hockey preview would be a beauty, eh. And nice job on the picks this weekend, I just wish I wouldn’t have gone against you on Texas Tech. Late score killed me.


  4. Would love a hockey preview. Love the site and the quotes of the day are classic. Can’t go wrong with Tombstone, Fight Club, and Hunter S. Thompson!


  5. Kevin Funderburk // October 11, 2016 at 10:26 pm // Reply

    If Tech is only getting 1, wouldn’t you be better off taking the money line, instead of the one point? At best +1 gets you a push (unless they tie, which is unlikely). BTW- enjoying the audio book on sports betting.


  6. Most places will not do money lines on 1 point spreads.


  7. A hockey review would be very appreciated.


  8. Fred. Thanks for the weekend gambling info! I have yet to fade your picks for NFL and NCAA. Keep up the great work! Will be investing in “An Into to Sports Betting..” soon…. As far as this weekend…Do you think the Coogs bounce back and cover what currently is a 21 1/2 point line? Also, any thoughts on riding with NE again this week? Stay sportsy!!!…


  9. Definitely have a ton of interest in the NHL! Hope to see some of your wisdom on the games!


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