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Hillary Clinton’s e-mails will not mean a thing


Editor’s note: Lamont Mann has been closely following the election cycle. Today he weighs in on the latest controversy involving Hillary Clinton’s emails.


Unless you have been living under a rock, Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton is in the news because of her e-mails.   I am not talking about her mishandling e-mails with the State Department but the recent Wikileaks data dumps.

The fact is, this election is not about the candidate you like, it’s about the candidate you dislike.   None of the emails will alter Hillary’s base.  Her base hates Donald Trump and that is all that matters.

I believe the emails would have meant much more in the primaries, but we are beyond that phase.  The only way Hillary’s emails will shake her campaign is if she blatantly blasts minorities with racial slurs or if there’s a direct connection to murder.

When I read the Wikileaks, my immediate reaction was “OK, she’s corrupt, I already knew that.” 

The election is over, Hillary will win, but what’s interesting is how the emails will be discussed after the election.  In an earlier article, I wrote the email issues will magically go away. However, Wikileaks is dumping some major information.  If the GOP retains the House and Senate (which I do not believe they will), they could immediately go after Hillary.   The question becomes, after the last two years of partisan fighting, would the GOP have the stomach for it?  Of course not. The GOP wants Hillary just as much as the Democrats.   


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