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Three shame bells of the week, Tebow saves, gratuitous clown story and more: The update for Oct. 12

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So it’s a Wednesday, with not much happening on the local sports scene today. But there is a lot going on nationally. The Cubs pulled off a big comeback to advance to the NLCS. Tim Tebow is making news for the smallest things. (And the “save” headlines are out of control. Yeah, I did it too.) And for those of us who like hockey, the NHL season begins tonight. ( I will post some kind of preview later in the day since enough people asked).

However, it is now time for our three shames of the week:

download-3Brock solid criticism: It does not take a genius to figure out Brock Osweiler was bad on Sunday. Really bad. On one web site, he was No. 6 on the list of worst performances in the NFL. (If it makes you feel any better, he wasn’t even the worst Texan. Yeah, did not think that would help).

But USA Today took it even farther. They broke down his performance in detail and named it the worst of the week. It’s one thing to be one of the worst, but to play poorly enough to be featured in this way is not good. Osweiler was always going to have a target on his back because of his big contract and the way he left Denver, but he is doing his best to make it easy for critics to hit that target. If only he could be as accurate himself…

Shame bell 1.

download-3Later, Gators: The canceled LSU Florida game could have serious repercussions. There is a good breakdown of that here. In essence, Florida could win the SEC East by playing one less game, even though the Gators lost to Tennessee.


If that is the real reason the Gators did everything they could to keep from playing that game, it’s pretty pathetic. And the SEC should step in. It probably won’t make a difference on the LSU side of things. But Tennessee will likely be sitting on two losses after playing Alabama this week. The good news is whether the Gators play LSU or not, The Vols probably still win the East. After Alabama they should not lose again. Florida still has Georgia and Arkansas on the schedule and probably loses one of those. If it winds up playing out where that game matters, though, the Gators should be ashamed.

Shame bell 2.

download-3A big blowhard: One of my pet peeves is media trying to scare people. I’m sure we all have seen this clip by now. And your kids die, too.

Well, this New York Times article based on wild speculation by a Rice professor absolutely takes the cake. A mythical hurricane that will “doom” Houston? Congrats, you got everyone to click on a one in a billion scenario. What’s next? “Going outside will doom you to death.” “You can die in your sleep at any moment.”

Pretty sure those refineries have significant contingencies for hurricanes. But let’s not allow that to get in the way of our scary fiction.

A gigantic shame bell No. 3

Clown question, bro: And of course, we have to get in at least one clown update this week. Ronald McDonald — perhaps the creepiest clown of all — is getting dialed back until the craze is over. So maybe this isn’t all bad after all…


(In honor of shame bell 3).

“People will always try to scare you into things. Scare you away from things. Scare you into not wanting things you can’t help wanting. You can’t be afraid.”

— Megan Abbott, Dare Me



1 Comment on Three shame bells of the week, Tebow saves, gratuitous clown story and more: The update for Oct. 12

  1. Like you said on the show, it’s still to early to call Osweiller a bust, but if this downward trend continues and they don’t end up winning the division, which by the way, is the worst freaking division in the NFL, then he is absolutely a bust.


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