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The Art-ful blame dodger, a Tiger-like night, gambling update, passive aggressive notes and area code snobs: The update for Oct. 13


Art Briles has a job again. The Cleveland Browns brought him in as a “guest coach” to help with quarterbacks. Hue Jackson says he will be around a “little longer,” but it is not a permanent position.

Leave it to one of the worst organizations in sports to bring in Art Briles. Yes, the man can coach. But overseeing one of the worst scandals in NCAA history should disqualify him from working anywhere in the industry. It’s hard to imagine the NFL is OK with this, considering how they reacted to the Colts hiring Jim Tressel. What Tressel did at Ohio State was a parking ticket to Briles’ multiple murders.

Leave it to the Browns to do something stupid. The fans in Cleveland deserve better than this joke of an organization.

Auston, no city limits: Hockey is pretty much a niche sport. To ever make a lasting impact in non-traditional markets it needs the equivalent of a Tiger Woods. (Before Tiger was getting hit over the head by his ex wife with 9-irons). Wednesday night, we saw something unprecedented. Auston Matthews, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 draft, became the first player ever to score four goals in his debut. Typical of the Leafs, they lost 5-4 in overtime, but it was nothing short of an amazing debut. His second goal, where he basically skated through the entire Ottawa team and did it all by himself, was a thing of beauty. It was fun seeing the rest of the league tweeting about this kid. It was only one night, and he will likely never do that again. But what makes a transcendent athlete? Ability, obviously. Hype, of course. But also being unique. Matthews is an American, which is appealing, because, well, hey, we love Americans. He is from Scottsdale, Arizona, not exactly the hockey capital of the world. His mother is from Mexico. He plays in the hockey mecca of the universe, for the equivalent of the Boston Red Sox. He has a good head on his shoulders (he took responsibility for the loss because he made a mistake that led to the winning goal in OT). He has thrived when the stage has been at its biggest — he dominated at the world juniors and was probably the best player on the ice for Team North America in the World Cup. (Of course, those teams lost, too). But he might be the kind of guy non-hockey fans will tune in to see just what he does.

If Auston-mania takes off, he could be the kid to make hockey cool in a lot of places that don’t care about it. Connor McDavid is the next anointed star, but he is Canadian. That won’t make Bob in a sports bar care. McDavid might be the hero hockey wants, but Matthews might be the one it needs.

If he can just avoid marrying Swedish nannies and then banging multiple waitresses…

The writing is on the Wall?: The Rockets are having fun in China as they get ready for the NBA season. The Rockets are having a good preseason, but all anyone wants to talk about is free throws. …They probably need to avoid writing on the Great Wall, though.

Head cases: The Texans still have three players in the concussion protocol.

Gamblin’: Don’t mind the under on Broncos-Chargers tonight. Not playing myself but if you are one of those people who has to do something for prime time games, that is the only play I would consider. (I would also tell you that you probably have a problem…)

So area code snobbery is a thing? At least it is according to this story. Those of us in the 713 find your angst about it amusing…(See what I did there? Went area code snob…)

Hold that thought: How long can you hold in your pee? And is it safe? Apparently these are questions we must have answered.

Note to self...Our friends at the Mirror had some fun with passive-aggressive notes. The boyfriend/girlfriend is my favorite.


I’ve often seen these people, these squares at the table, short stack and long odds against them. All their outs gone. One last card in the deck that can help them. I used to wonder how they could let themselves get into such bad shape, and how the hell they thought they could turn it around.

— Matt Damon as Mike McDermott, Rounders.


3 Comments on The Art-ful blame dodger, a Tiger-like night, gambling update, passive aggressive notes and area code snobs: The update for Oct. 13

  1. It always annoyed me that Dwight Howard refused to shoot underhanded. Especially the last season when his free-throw percentage was the lowest of his career. I understand that he is emotionally weak and immature, he probably would’ve cried himself out of the arena, but just shooting a few percentage points more would have made him less of a liability.


  2. I agree the game tonight could go either way. You keep waiting for the Chargers to get over their 4th quarter woes, and tonight might be that night. So those plays don’t look good, and then you move to the over/under and both teams have put up good points this year, and Flowers is still out so I’m not even comfortable with the under, but Semian is coming back off injury and Kubiak is out and Denver has a great pass defense. It’s like betting on the coin flip.


  3. Always a great quote of the day! How did Mike McD not hook up with super hot Petra?


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