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Texans go full Andrew Luck, recapping the weekend, why you should unfriend people on Facebook and more: The update for Oct. 17

The Texans were dead. With 7:04 left in regulation, they were down to the Colts 23-9. Brock Osweiler looked like a $72 million bust. The offense could do nothing against a terrible Colts defense.

But Osweiler finally had his moment. He went full Andrew Luck, leading the Texans to a pair of touchdowns to tie the game late. They then won it in overtime 26-23.

It was the kind of comeback Luck has pulled off throughout his career with the Colts. Improbable. Unlikely.

This time it was Osweiler and the Texans.

Lamar Miller had a breakout game, with 149 yards rushing and three catches for 29 more yards.

Osweiler was 25 of 39 for 269 yards, two TDs and a pick. He was at his best when the game was on the line. It doesn’t erase how bad he was early. But it was the kind of win the team desperately needed.

You simply can’t understate how important this game actually was. The Texans and Colts would have been tied atop the division at 3-3 had Indy won, with the Colts holding an important win in hand.

Instead, the Texans are 4-2. They are two games up on the Colts, who remain the biggest threat even though they are last in the AFC South. Both teams will have to play much better in the future if they plan to win the division.

But for one rare, primetime appearance, the Texans finally showed up. Fortunately for them it was just in time.

As bad as Osweiler was for most of the game, when it mattered most, he was clutch. The defense, put in bad positions all game, kept limiting the Colts to field goals to keep the Texans in it. The end result was the Texans pulling out an improbable win.

Just like the Colts usually do.

Fine whine: So Vince Wilfork and Charles James were unhappy with fans leaving early. First off, Vince, clearly not everyone eats as much brisket as you do. And after 7-plus quarters of uninspired football from a team that had shown no knack or hope for a comeback, the fans were well within their rights. They were seeing an act they have seen many times. You should be reveling in that fact your team showed a new dimension. As for the empty seats? Get over it.

Gambling recap: Well, all good things end. Our 8-0 streak came crashing down this weekend, as we went 3-6 (4-6 if you count Thursday night). Saturday was our worst day in years, but we went 2-0 Sunday and gave you a nice pick four score at Woodbine that got us out for the weekend. We wound up with a decent profit even with one of our worst runs in years. We will take it.

Around the NFL: The Dak Prescott phenomenon is now officially a thing. The Cowboys went into Lambeau and beat the Packers 30-16.  It was a huge win for Dallas, which outplayed the Packers throughout. Prescott finally threw a pick but also had three TDs and ran the team beautifully…Drew Brees had a monster game for the Saints, who are now 2-3 after knocking off the 1-5 Panthers…For the rest of the games, check out our friend Hot Dog Holly’s page…

College recap: The Aggies did not play a game and still moved up to No. 6 in the AP poll. The big one against Alabama is this week. Houston somehow sits at No. 11 despite barely getting a win against a weak Tulsa team…The Longhorns took care of business against Iowa State.

Big letdown? The Big 12 is going to announce expansion plans today. The safe money is they decide to do nothing. Will post something tonight if there is any actual news.

14725523_907579909374142_395143530888230712_nWe tried something different this weekend: Escape The Room. I have to say, it was a damned cool experience. You have one hour to escape a locked room, finding clues to find keys that lead to more clues. As you can see from the photo, we made it out in just over 57 minutes. Other than an inability to beat pong, we did pretty well. Worth checking out if you want to try something fun.

Want to stay sane on Facebook? You have to get rid of people. Trust me, it feels good.


“There’s nothing as exciting as a comeback – seeing someone with dreams, watching them fail, and then getting a second chance.”

— Rachel Griffiths

2 Comments on Texans go full Andrew Luck, recapping the weekend, why you should unfriend people on Facebook and more: The update for Oct. 17

  1. Any thoughts on the Big 12 expansion announcement later today? I’ve always felt that they would delay any actual announcements until after the season so I am not expecting much today.


  2. Will write something tonight after the announcement. All indications are they are doing nothing.


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