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13th is a documentary that is well worth your time


I am a documentary honk and as I was browsing through Netflix, I came across 13th .  For the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen Facebook posts on it but the title didn’t capture my attention. The documentary 13th is an in-depth analysis of African American mass incarceration.

The documentary spanned Post Reconstruction through the current day.  It’s a comprehensive overview of how mass imprisonment is much deeper than crime itself.

It focused on these key elements:




When I watch documentaries about social issues, I am keen to political bias.   Although I feel it was unnecessary to bring up Donald Trump because he has not penned one policy, they did explain both the Democratic and the Republican parties were involved.

Everyone I’ve suggested this documentary to has enjoyed it and thought it was educational.

After watching the documentary, I couldn’t help but think, if you know the game is to put you in prison, why make it easy for them?

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