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The debates are over! Texans news, mouse eating, weed gummies and more: The update for Oct. 20

The final presidential debate was last night. Most places think Hillary Clinton was the winner. 

I don’t care who won or lost. Most people have their minds made up by now. The best news is it is the last one. We don’t have to see endless TV bits or stories about it much longer.

This entire process is a joke. It has been two-plus years of campaigning. It’s all we see on TV. I had stop watching John Oliver — one of my favorite shows — because that is all he focuses on these days. It’s not just him; It’s everybody. They know what gets ratings and clicks. We are being inundated because people are mesmerized.

These debates have simply been reality TV. What is sad is that we eat it up. Even the topics are dumb. Why are we still talking about abortion and gun control? Because those are hot-button subjects that get the LCDs blood flowing. And we have become a country where the LCDs matter when it comes to TV. And yet they are ignored the day the elections are over.

After two years of crap, we wound up with crap. Neither candidate is good for the country. The third-party options are useless. It’s sad that in a country with 330 million we can’t find two candidates worth voting for. But we brought it on ourselves.

The important thing is our local and state elections have a more direct impact on us, and we need to not lose sight of that fact as we watch this clown show play out. We can still make a difference by focusing on the issues close to home.

And sadly that’s the only comfort left.

Wait a minute…I just fell into the trap of writing about the election. Shame bell for me. Guilty as charged, your honor. No I feel it is my duty to find some fun stuff:

Brocktoberfest: ESPN did a comparison of Trevor Siemien and Brock Osweiler. Brock did not measure up well. So, not fun. I failed again.

Welcome back: The Texans got some key pieces back on the practice field. Almost fun?

Retirement plan: Both David Klingler and Case Keenum will be honored by UH. The school is going to retire their No. 7 jersey. It sure was fun on Cullen (and Kirby) when those guys were slinging it.

Rockets ready: There are still a few roster things to decide, but the Rockets appear to be ready for the regular season. The Rockets certainly had fun last night.

If you missed it: I did a piece on improving communication and writing yesterday. It is something I spent a lot of time teaching when I was a professor. Hopefully you will find it useful. Maybe a little fun?

Thursday night football: I doubt this one will do anything to help ratings, but Bears-Packers is tonight. No gambling angle but if you must I would lean Bears to cover. No, definitely not fun.

Gambling update: BYU is holding steady at plus-7 and I feel pretty good about punching the button on that one…Some sites have Saskatchewan at -7  now. It is still -6.5 on mybookie. I love it at -6.5. Still like it at 7…San Diego State-San Jose over 48 is an added game…Old Dominion is still plus 13.5. Still hoping to get it to 14 so I can pounce. COULD be fun.

R.I.P. Bob Allen: The longtime sportscaster passed away at age 70. Too young. No fun at all.

Hey, Mickey…Yeah, you. Mickey Mouse. Europeans want to eat you. Well, they did at one point…Definitely fun.

Edible derangements: I think all of us who like marijuana have overdone it on edibles at one point or another. This guy certainly did. If you don’t think this is fun we are not friends.


“Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.”

― Plato

3 Comments on The debates are over! Texans news, mouse eating, weed gummies and more: The update for Oct. 20

  1. How do you feel about BYU at plus 6.5?


  2. Like it a lot more at 7. That’s an important half point.


  3. Good site Fred. Keep it up man.


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