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Five observations on the Texans (yes, one positive), giant spiders ruling the world and more: The update for Oct. 25

The Texans did what they do when they go on the road, getting drilled by the Broncos 27-9. In three road games, they are 0-3 and have scored a whopping 22 points. Five observations from the latest disaster:

  1. The Texans ran the ball very well, putting up 140 yards and averaging 5.6 per carry. The easy question is why didn’t they run more? Once again, the play calling on offense was predictable and awful. Every third down play targeted a double covered DeAndre Hopkins, who is not helping himself or the team with his half-hearted efforts to get open. And why not run the ball on third and short when you were doing it effectively all game? Bill O’Brien’s stubborn play calls are killing this team. Whether it is O’Brien of George Godsey, the plays are predictable and stale. Maybe it was from  watching Gary Kubiak all those years, but you could see every play coming on both sides last night. The difference was the Broncos executed better.
  2. The Texans’ defense does not get a pass for this one. They simply could not stop the run again. Make no mistake, the Broncos offense is not good. Their line is worse than the Texans. Their quarterback is below average. But they were able to run the ball almost at will against the Texans, which took away any chance the team had. And remember when the Texans got sacks and forced turnovers? Zero of both. You can’t win games that way.
  3. If I am the the Texans, I am on the phone with the Browns today. Rumors are they want a No. 2 for tackle Joe Thomas. I offer a 2, 3, Rick Smith, Cal McNair and two Texans cheerleaders. Hell, all the cheerleaders. Derek Newton apparently blew out both knees and is certainly done for the year. Yet another Texan rushes back too soon and is lost for the year. Yes, that is a pattern.
  4. By now, you would like to see some progress from Brock Osweiler. Well, in seven games he has played maybe 10 minutes of good football. The last seven minutes against the Colts and the first two drives against the Titans. The rest? A mess. images(Brock Osweiler laughing all the way to the bank?) He has been sloppy, inaccurate and does not look anything like an NFL starting quarterback. The balance is starting to tip toward serious bust, and there is not much time left to turn it around. The Texans are still 4-3 and lead the division, so the season is very much salvageable. Tom Savage might not be any better, but at some point, the team has to consider that they screwed up and move on. Watching Osweiler is like watching blind porn; he simply does not know where to put it.cvncv8yviaaevze
  5. Lamar Miller was a good pickup. So there is one positive. Especially since one of the greatest Texans ever called it a career Monday night. The Texans made the right call moving on from Arian Foster and paying Miller. So yes, there was one thing we could take away from that game and say good job, Texans.

That was the only thing. This team is going to have to figure out how to win on the road. An 8-8 record is not going to cut it, and they are not going to stay unbeaten at home. (Heck, it might end this week against a decent Lions team).

It’s a day early, but we will give this to the Texans anyway….


A drought will end: The World Series begins tonight. Either the Cubs or Indians will end a long drought. Next up, Astros?

Tom Herman rumor de jour: This one has been speculated for a long time. Might as well guess it now and look good if it works out. This is the world we live in…rumors and unsubstantiated reports become news stories.

A bigger threat than the clown menace? How about spiders big enough to eat mice? If this guy evolves and gets bigger…

The beard gave it away? How do you sneak an 18-year-old into a pee wee football game and get away with it? You don’t.

Missed spellings: See what I did there? Here are 100 commonly misspelled words.

No wonder print is in trouble: This is an awful big contract for just seven stories. And a lawsuit to boot…


(In honor of the Texans spending all that money on Brock…)

“The four most dangerous words in investing are: ‘this time it’s different.'”

– Sir John Templeton

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