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Party politics: Be stupid

EDITOR’S NOTE: In this piece, Lamont Mann discusses the fallacy of voting straight tickets. The views expressed within do not necessarily reflect those of the site, its owners and advertisers. 


Throughout this election process I have grown more annoyed with Partisan hacks.  A Partisan hack is a person who is affiliated with the Democrat or Republican Party.  They have two primary methods: act as if their party is the gospel by pushing their agenda or hating the opposition.

The ones who think they are clever will tell you, “I’m an independent.”  These are the people who have friends of both ideologies or popular opinion is swaying one way.  They do not want to be criticized by either side.    I also believe most “independents” are affiliated with a party and it is a visual way to remain neutral

Typical Independents usually say “I’m a fiscal conservative and socially liberal.”  If you are a social liberal, how will you pay for social programs from a conservative standpoint? Stop trying to be deep and just say, I have liberal and conservative views.  Newsflash, we all do!

It’s all bull—-, but what boils my blood are commercials and campaign ads advising people to vote straight party ticket.  It’s almost like they are telling people to be dumb and vote for anything with a D (democrat) or an R (republican) behind a candidate’s name.  I am not that voter; I go through the ballot and select who is personally best for me. I will never vote straight party ticket.

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