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The latest on Tom Herman, three shame bells of the week, profane Aussies, a fun poker exchange and much more: The update for Oct. 26

Tom Herman is clearly frustrated with the constant rumors about his future. He sort of responded to the most recent one. It has to be difficult; these “reports” are going to continue. They come with success. It’s never a bad thing when people want you. It also has to be a pain to constantly have to answer questions about it. The only way it stops? Take another job. Or lose some more games this year. That’s the reality.

This is not about whether Herman is going to UT or anywhere else. There will be plenty of time for that when we get to December. But this underscores another major problem with “media.” As we mentioned yesterday, speculation becomes news reports. Other people pick up those reports and run with them, many eliminating any part of it except “done deal,” when there was a significant out left in the initial speculation. In short, this was no different than what has been speculated on for months. The media cycle decides to pick it up and run with it and here we go again.

Then the rest of us are expected to comment on it.

These kinds of “reports” are part of a big problem in our society. They dovetail into another major media issue. “What do you think of what so and so said about this?” Many media members are creating “news” with inflammatory comments. Skip Bayless says something and it becomes “news.” And  then we blur the lines between “news” and “commentary.” Anything Bayless says is an opinion. Everything in his career has been to come up with something that will rile people up. Yet other news sites (and radio shows) pick it up and feel the need to comment on it. And that is when it becomes a story and the source (in this case Skip) is what is important, not the original statement. I don’t mean to single out Bayless, because there are hundreds of people out there trying to make themselves stories. Here is an example from this morning: On USA Today’s For the Win page, there is a headline: “Charles Barkley says that Klay Thompson is the second best player in the world.” Why is it news? No Steph Curry. But Barkley has never been high on Curry. Why does USA Today feel the need to make this news? Click bait. There will be at least two Barkley stories a week. It is created “news.” If I cared enough about what Barkley had to say about anything, I would watch his studio show. But Charles is smart enough to know that the more off the wall he gets, the more attention he gets. The more he builds his brand. The more money it makes. So others try the same thing.

Why? It has been profitable has hell. It’s a technique that has paid off in a big way financially. And that’s why these two topics are related. If you speculate something on twitter that becomes “news,” aren’t you doing the same thing as Barkley simply to get attention? Get your name out there? Will anyone remember if you are wrong?

I understand coach Herman’s frustration. But I don’t see it changing. That’s what “media” has become.

Shame Bell No. 1.


Speaking of spin, the Josh Brown story in New York has been a serious black eye for both the Giants and the NFL. Even with them finally doing the right thing, there was a discrepancy in statements. Brown added a denial in his statement that was not given to the Giants. Why? Future lawsuit? Hope of getting another job? This is a sick, twisted creature who is the epitome of a scum bag. It is good that he is getting help. But he should never play again, much like Ray Rice. That a meaningless kicker could get such a pass in the first place is a joke. He won’t get another one, and he doesn’t deserve it. I am all for second chances when people mess up. But this was a pattern of cruelty and disgust that goes beyond one simple mistake.

Shame Bell 2.

Finally, do we really need to add any commentary to this Brock Osweiler photo? If so, all you have to do is look at where he ranks in Total QBR.


Yep. Shame bell No. 3


Not safe for work: But it is pretty amusing. A couple of angry Aussies provide commentary on the end of that thrilling Sunday night 6-6 tie. Funny stuff, but lots of profanity.

Safe for work (unless you are a Cubs fan): The Indians took Game 1 of the World Series 6-0 over the Cubs. That Cleveland pitching staff is no joke.

Speaking of the World Series: British poker player William Kassouf had become a regular on ESPN’s WSOP coverage by being a jerk. Frankly, the guy would not bother me. I can’t understand a word he says. He might as well be speaking Russian. But this hand is fun to watch. Griffin Benger of Canada goes off on Kassouf for being “abusive” and a “bully.” What I love about this is Benger’s feigned outrage is designed to rattle Kassouf and get him to shove with a lesser hand, say pocket 10s. As it turned out, Kassouf had kings and was going all along. But Benger’s response — especially holding aces — was an excellent, calculated move.


Yoga party: I am a fan of Yoga pants. And Yoga pants parades. Keep doing what you are doing, ladies.

Some small bets: We mentioned these on the show yesterday. A.J. Hoffman hit a small ticket on the Indians plus 135 to win the series. The Cubs are more well rounded, but that Indians pitching staff is sick and they just shut down two monster offenses. I like it, especially with a 1-0 lead…I hit a ticket on Toronto-Tampa over 5.5 goals. Tampa did that themselves in a 7-3 win. Leafs goalie Fredrick Andersen has been terrible since getting hurt playing for his country this summer. He will turn it around, but until he does, Leafs overs will be solid plays.

This guy might disagree with that Indians pick: So a yearbook in the 1990s predicted the Cubs? Either he is Nostradamus or somebody decided “let’s predict every year through 2020 and see if we win…”


“Remember when you was a kid and you would spend the whole year waiting for summer vacation and when it finally came it would fly by just like that? It’s funny, Jimmy, life has a way of flying by faster than any old summer vacation really f—ing does.”

— Bill Nunn as Easy Wind in Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead

3 Comments on The latest on Tom Herman, three shame bells of the week, profane Aussies, a fun poker exchange and much more: The update for Oct. 26

  1. This is the first time I looked at your website and I love it. What a great read. I am a big fan of your show. Thank you.


  2. Thanks for checking it out! We have a lot of cool stuff planned. Glad you enjoy it, man. Just wanted to give people a fun place to go when the show is not on.


  3. I think Yoga pants are great as long as they are worn by women without muffin tops, jelly rolls and FUPAs


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