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Ugly football, the best naked drunk driving story ever, parrots calling out (alleged) adulterers and all the fun you can handle for a Friday: The update for Oct. 28

The NFL has seen a decline in interest, especially in television ratings. Games like Thursday night’s uglyfest certainly don’t help. (At least the uniforms were unique).

It was of some interest to Texans fans, as the AFC South “also eligibles” squared off. The not very good Tennessee Titans thumped the extremely bad Jacksonville Jaguars 36-22.

The Jags were a trendy playoff pick by a lot of people who never really paid any attention to what they do on the field. Blake Bortles puts up numbers, but is a turnover machine in clutch situations; the definition of a losing quarterback. He did not do that Thursday night, but he never really got the chance. His team was in a 27-0 hole heading to halftime. There was no clutch situation.

The Jaguars have been incredibly patient with head coach Gus Bradley, but a 14-41 career record speaks for itself. The Jags have had some bad luck with high picks getting injured, but players have not developed under Bradley and the Jags are rarely competitive. The owner says there will be no coaching change, but this bears watching, because they will square off with the Texans in a couple weeks and an interim coach could change the culture, if only for a short time. Remember what happened to the Texans against an interim coach in Miami last year? Former Bills coach Doug Marrone would be the likely candidate.

Meanwhile, the Titans have crept to 4-4 on the season with last night’s win. Three of those wins have been against the woeful Browns, Jags and Dolphins, the other against the Lions, who might turn out to be OK. The Titans are basically a lesser Texans, capable of beating poor teams, but not good enough to beat the better ones. (Well, a lesser Texans with a better young quarterback and presumably one who does not dress like this).


(Sorry, that never gets old for me).

The road gets tougher for Tennessee — The Titans go to San Diego, host Green Bay and then travel to Indy for the next three games. They should probably enjoy that .500 record while they can.

Gambling guide: May or may not happen today. Still thinking of taking the week off. There are three games I am considering, but since our Thursday plays failed to come through (both agonizing close — a 2-point conversion called back that would have done it and a 3-2 hockey game after two periods that stayed 3-2. WTH?) I’m on the fence. So stay tuned. UPDATE: Never mind. Will have it posted this afternoon before the show. Enough people are interested.

Big award, little man: This is one hell of a nice award for Jose Altuve. Shows how much he is respected around the league.

The best drunk naked car story ever: If you have not seen this story yet, frankly, it’s perfect. You really have to love this girl. Come see me in 15 years, Miranda. Assuming I am still alive. Hell, assuming you are still alive. My kinda crazy. And you have to love the look on her face in the mug shot. “Yeah, I’m a badass. Deal with it.”

If you have not had a chance…Check out our new audio book Power, by Ivette Mayo. It provides a step by step guide to reaching the best you.

Ah, the memories…This showed up on my Facebook memories feed. Good times…


A reason to never live in Kuwait: Adultery is a criminal defense there. Thankfully, a parrot is not a credible witness. At least here you only lose half your stuff. That’s punitive enough.

Old news? Finally, remember the adult who sneaked his way into a youth football game? Turns out he did not have much of an impact.


Today’s quote comes from the underrated movie Suicide Kings, in honor of our girl Miranda:

Max: “Oh, she’s more than beautiful. She’s got this way she looks at you, just… just stop your heart, you know? And make it start back up again. You know any girls like that?”

Charlie: “Yeah. All of them.”


5 Comments on Ugly football, the best naked drunk driving story ever, parrots calling out (alleged) adulterers and all the fun you can handle for a Friday: The update for Oct. 28

  1. Is there a new rule from the NFL that if you play on Thursday you have to wear matching top and bottoms the same color so that they look like high school teams?


  2. Will you still play hockey over until the goalie comes back? Definitely thought that was a lock after 2nd period but oh well that’s gambling.. Thanks for the constant tips and free options I love the show!


  3. The Thursday games are “color rush” games, where the NFL trots out its most hideous possible uniforms. I guess the goal is to sell more jerseys…and I am backing off the overs now. Toronto’s goalie seemed to find his game last night. Was fun while it lasted. Followed the same strategy with Calgary until Elliot got it together…Now I will look for backup goalies and other guys who are struggling.


  4. Don’t let last night be the deciding factor on the gambling guide. If people don’t trust you they can make their own damn picks. Last night was a rough one but that’s part of it. I enjoy reading your reasoning for each pick you make regardless of if I use it or not.


  5. It’s more the last two weeks than last night. I was right on both and got unlucky. I can live with that. It’s the games where you aren’t even close that get to you. But I will probably do it this afternoon anyway.


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