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Rockets, poker, Aggie surprise, three shames of the week, bury momma in the back yard and a literal kick in the nuts: The update for Nov. 2

The Aggies will return to Houston for the Texas Bowl.

Since the Rockets game ended early (not a bad effort, by the way, even in a loss) and the World Series game was over in the third inning, I spent most of the night flipping between hockey (hell of a good game between the Leafs and Oilers) and the event I spent yesterday saying was boring, the World Series of Poker. What struck me was the awful play three handed by two of the players. Props to those guys for getting that far, but the winner, Qui Nguyen, was more aggressive and that is what it takes short handed. Cards do not win at that point; players do. Nguyen was the most active player at the table and deserved to win. The past few years the play at the final table has been amazing. This was weak, especially from a seasoned pro like Gordon Vayo, who played extremely passive poker heads up. I almost deserve a shame bell for staying up half the night watching what was clearly a foregone conclusion.

First rankings out: The College Football Playoff committee trolled us a little but by putting Texas A&M at No. 4 over Washington. Truth is, you can make a pretty good case for that — at this stage of the season. I saw many people who cover A&M tweet out that “it’s simple; win and you are in.” Those people have paid no attention to the committee over the years. If every team in the top five wins out, the Aggies will be outside looking in. The committee will not pass on an unbeaten Pac 12 champion for a team that did not win its own division. A&M is in a good spot, but to quote Pulp Fiction, let’s not start (bleeping) each other’s (bleeps) just yet. On a side note, the committee loves them some SEC and Big 10…Meanwhile, quite the fall for UH.

That “other” World Series: TV execs and ESPN honks have to be thrilled there will be a Game 7 of the World Series. There is a lot of interest, but the carpet bombing coverage from major media outlets (yes, you, ESPN) is over the top. Expect it to continue for days no matter what happens in the finale.

Anyway, on to the three shame bells of the week:

Bear down: The Baylor situation just keeps getting uglier and uglier. The Art Briles redemption tour is an absolute joke. When the latest news came out, it was hardly a surprise. Now the school is defending keeping the assistants. The win at all costs attitude in our sports society is embarrassing. Baylor should not even be playing football this season or maybe ever again.

Shame bell 1.


Speaking of sexual assault: I don’t watch HBO’s Real Sports, but they did a nice piece on a con man Yoga instructor who has been accused of multiple sexual assaults. Judge for yourself, but this guy has a bigtime God complex. He sounds like David Koresh. Just a sick, sick person.

Shame bell 2.


On the lighter side...Have to love that this guy buried his mom in his backyard, collected her checks and got away with it for months. No one noticed that she wasn’t showing up at bingo? But hey, it’s Florida. Isn’t that legal there?

Shame bell 3.


Finally, one fun story today: Eagles fans and Cowboys fans don’t mix. And they should never get married. Memo to current and future wives: Don’t ever think I will make a bet like this with you. And please, you two, NEVER have kids.

I lied, one more: Hey graphics designer friends, this is a really good way to get your ass fired. Not so well played, ESPN.


“Sleep. Those little slices of death. How I despise them.”

— Edgar Allan Poe

6 Comments on Rockets, poker, Aggie surprise, three shames of the week, bury momma in the back yard and a literal kick in the nuts: The update for Nov. 2

  1. Fred I am right there with you. I used to be a huge fan of watching the world serious of poker and have been playing serious poker for over 20 years. I stayed up until 130 and then realized I was actually losing sleep over this lol. I can honestly say that was terrible I felt like I could of given him 10 times the game he got. It was pretty pathetic and he was so predictable and scared u could tell the only time he had a hand because that’s the only time he bet. I was just smh and wondering how it made to 2nd place. Loving the new site and am a daily reader


  2. Hey Fred, the last link goes to Barry Laminack’s story.


  3. Thanks. Fixed it.


  4. I thought this when they first came out and I believe this even more now that the Fighting Gig ’ems are “in the playoff” right now; but I’m thinking more and more that this CFP ranking business is a tool to make late season games feel more important. I’m a fan of the Aggies, but I don’t think they beat L’ville, or Ohio St. I don’t know much about Washington, but if they have a RB that can do anything more than run 4 yds up the middle for 4 quarters, I imagine Washington > TAMU. But now, they’ve built in all these story lines with a poll that doesn’t mean A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G re: final playoffs. The only value of this, is website clicks. With that being said….Gig ’em and I’m definitely going to enjoy the ride until Reveille turns into a pumpkin.


  5. Well said, Matt. Nailed it.


  6. welp….that was fast. That was so Aggie. Get shown a little (albeit meaningless) respect, perform in a manner that proves you’re not worthy of that respect.\


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