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No more curses, Rockets roll, gambling plays and little baby Jesus is coming: The update for Nov. 3

The curse is over. The Chicago Cubs finally won a World Series.

Now what?

This is like the 108 year old virgin who finally gets laid. What happens from here?

I got a text from a friend of mine who was incredibly excited. “As a lifelong Cubs fan, this is the greatest day of my life.”

She is 27 years old.

The Cubs narrative had become so ridiculous that it consumed generations of fans. But the “loveable losers” are no longer loveable. That was their identity. Now they are the Red Sox, who finally climbed the mountain and are now part of the establishment. There is no longer that constant wait for next year. Next year came last night, in what was one of the greatest finishes you could ever ask for in a sporting event.

I have a lot of friends who are diehard Cubs fans, and it is hard not to be happy for them. I just wonder what story we will have left to tell about them now that the wait is over. There will be celebrations, a parade, and more celebrations. And then even more talk next year when the season starts. And then the Cubs will be just another really good baseball team, not a constant story about frustration and curses.

I am sure their fans will take that.

Rockets roll: I have been asked a lot about the Knicks as a potential dark horse contender. May answer has always been a polite NFW. They are off to a 1-3 start after the Rockets slapped a nice beating on them last night.  It’s early, but the Rockets are 3-2 and much more fun to watch this season. They still don’t play defense, and James Harden still turns the ball over too much, but they can score. Harden had only three turnovers last night, and if he does that every night, the Rockets will win a lot of games.

Coming up: It will be a busy day here for the Houston Sports and Stuff crew. (OK, the “crew” is one person posting stuff from a lot of people). We’ve got A.J. Hoffman’s fantasy rankings coming, more politics from Lamont Mann, and a nice boxing piece from our good friend Tim Burgess, who will be contributing to the site. Please check back throughout the day. Also, coming tomorrow will be the Breeders’ Cup handicapping guide for my horse friends. It will be guaranteed to make you money, unless it doesn’t.

Gambling plays: Looking at two small plays tonight: Tampa plus 4.5 at home in the NFL (always an advantage on a Thursday night game and the Falcons are coming off a high emotion win against Green Bay). UCLA plus 13 at Colorado. This line has bounced around a little. Keep an eye on it and see if it gets to 14. Like it either way but much more at 14.

Oh, God: Teen girl claims she is pregnant with Baby Jesus. Everyone else says she is just fat. I see stories like this and all I can think of is Talladega Nights. “Dear little baby Jesus…”

And finally, Florida: Never change, sunshine state. This guy perfectly represents what you are about.


In honor of the Cubs…

“There’s a difference in thinking you are a champion and knowing that you are.”

— Matthew McConaughey


9 Comments on No more curses, Rockets roll, gambling plays and little baby Jesus is coming: The update for Nov. 3

  1. Tampa plus 4.5? I disagree Fred



  2. I’ll take falcons minus 4.5



  3. Fred, will you be posting any plays on the breeders cup this weekend? Always interested to hear your take/trip pick for any big horse race


  4. Yes I will. Working on it now.


  5. *tri pick


  6. Via examiner or here?


  7. Examiner no longer exists. Everything is here now.


  8. Mybookie site is down tonight. Any word on the issue?


  9. I’m having the same issue on the site.

    I took the under on Colorado vs. UCLA. Going into the 4th it’s looking really good. I almost hit the plus 13 as well. Oh well.


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