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Possible theories on the FBI reopening the case on Hillary’s emails

Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is a frequent social media contributor on the Blitz. He has also written for other web sites around town and he has very strong political opinions. In this piece he looks at what is going on with the latest email scandal. Political opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Houston Sports and Stuff or its advertisers.


On Friday, FBI Director James Comey dropped a bombshell. Eleven days outside of the general election, he announced they are reopening Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.

Honestly, I think it is “bush league” and Democrats are well within their rights for being upset.  Once you close the investigation, it should be over.

I have compiled the three leading theories that are floating around:


Over the last couple of weeks, Wikileaks has been gaining traction hammering the Clinton Foundation.  Lately, Wikileaks finally broke through and major networks are beginning to talk about specific emails.  The emails were starting to damage Hillary’s polling numbers.  

Some believe this is nothing more than Hillary’s campaign using the FBI to take attention from the Wikileaks.  Eventually, the FBI director will say, “there’s nothing here.” The only problem with this is the FBI saying they are re-investigating is doing more damage or equal damage than Wikileaks.

Republicans Strong-arming James Comey

Some believe the Republican establishment (in Congress) has dirt on  Comey.  The Republican establishment is forcing Comey’s hand.  


There are reports that FBI employees are not happy with Comey’s July 5 decision to not recommend charges. There are a ton of stories about the FBI employees not being satisfied with Comey.  From what I have read, it’s not only the rank and file employees but department heads who are mad with Comey.

FBI Polling

The FBI internally polls candidates like reputable polling services.   Some think the FBI may think their internal polling is predicting Donald Trump to win.

I’ve never seen anything like this. The only thing I know for sure is Comey will not be the FBI Director much longer.  If Clinton loses this election, there will be repercussions.  If she wins, I predict Comey will resign.

I do not see scenario where Comey is still the FBI Director much longer after this fiasco.

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