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Some under the radar movies to watch this weekend, gambling, Karbach sale, a kick in the ‘nads and what happens when you OD on energy drinks: The update for Nov. 4

With the Texans off and a pretty weak college football slate other than Alabama-LSU, you might be looking for something to do this weekend.

If you want to be active, the Rockets Run 5K is tomorrow and is always a lot of fun. You will also probably get a chance to run past me at some point because my knee is mush and I am 10 pounds over a decent running weight. (Yes, diet has begun). You need to get signed up today, however. No race day registration.

If you want to stay in, how about five movies you have probably never heard of but would enjoy? Guessing they are all at red box or on demand. Or in the $1 movie bin at Wal Mart.

  1. Diggstown: One of the best con movies ever. It revolves around boxing and has a terrific cast, including James Woods, Lou Gossett Jr., Oliver Platt, Bruce Dern and the delightfully sexy Heather Graham. Clever, funny, fast moving and has a perfect ending. Well worth your time.
  2. Suicide Kings: Another terrific cast, this is a mob movie that has a nice twist involving a bunch of rich frat kids. Christopher Walken as a mobster is always great. Denis Leary is himself. Jay Mohr plays an unlikeable punk, and Johnny Galecki of Big Bang Theory fame is hilarious.
  3. Things to do in Denver when you’re dead: Christopher Walken as a mob boss again. This is a clever, snarky mob movie with upscale dialogue and just some delightful weirdness. The story revolves around Andy Garcia as Jimmy the Saint. Treat Williams as Critical Bill is worth watching on his own. Just a cool, smooth movie.
  4. Buckaroo Banzai across the eighth dimension: A cult classic with a terrific ensemble cast led by Peter Weller, Clancy Brown, Ellen Barkin, Jeff Goldblum, Christopher Lloyd, Jamie Lee Curtis and John Lithgow as the delightfully weird Lord John Whorfin. Campy, cheesy, funny. Don’t expect to use your brain on this one but you will enjoy it.
  5. Two Days in the Valley: A twist and turn type crime thriller with James Spader as a complete badass. No shortage of great actors in the cast, either. Danny Aeillo, Eric Stoltz, Jeff Daniels, Charlize Theron (looking awesome as always) and Teri Hatcher really make this one tick. You will thank me later.

In case you missed it: Lots of great stuff on the site yesterday. We had A.J. Hoffman’s fantasy rankings. A great piece from Tim Burgess on Saturday night’s fights. A nice piece on the Hilary e-mails and FBI from Lamont Mann. My breakdown of today’s four Breeders’ Cup races. Something for everyone there.

Gambling recap: So those of you who told me I was an idiot for taking Tampa, points for you. There was a solid thought process behind it, but it was a fail. UCLA came through however, so a 1-1, water treading kind of night. Might have some plays later today but still pretty focused on the Breeders’ Cup so no promises. Also, those Toronto Maple Leaf overs we were playing early in the season? Their goalie is playing like a fiend now. Look to the under while Fredrik Andersen is hot.

Making contact: The Astros made a quiet but possibly significant move on Thursday with a waiver claim. Nori Aoki is not a great outfielder and does not possess much power, but he does bring something the Astros are missing: he is a good contact hitter. Could make a nice addition, even at 34 years old.

Selling out? The Karbach sale has everyone up in arms, but the reality is we have a great craft beer scene because of them. Rather than overreact, let’s thank those guys for what they have done. If the quality does not change, does it matter who owns them? If it does, stop drinking it. Plenty of choices out there. There is not a business in the world that won’t sell for the right price. That is why you get in business in the first place — to make money. I get the anger; people feel loyal and invested in craft breweries, much like they do a sports team. But some of this is over the top.  America is about capitalism, plain and simple. Get over yourselves.

Kick in the nut: So Harvard has canceled its men’s soccer season because its players ranked the members of the women’s team? Sexist? A little. Childish? Yep. All that serious? Not really.

Energetic: Like energy drinks? Might not want to overdo it or you will wind up like this guy. And Florida, of course.


“You know, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was raised in a trailer park. My father abandoned us, and my mother couldn’t even afford to send us to college. Now, I may be an a–hole, but I’ve worked hard to become one.”

— Greg Cruttwell as Alan Hopper, Two Days in the Valley



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