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College football madness, the worst onsides kick ever (and the best), a squirrel, an awesome penguin war and much more: The update for Nov. 7

This is the time of year when weird stuff starts happening in college football, and Saturday was no exception.

The college football playoff committee will have a hard time creating controversy this week. Texas A&M, a surprise No. 4 last week, threw in a clunker in losing to Mississippi State 35-28. In five days, the Aggies hit the high with the ranking only to feel the low of being knocked out.

Alabama grinded out a 10-0 win over LSU to remain unbeaten and in the top slot. Michigan and Clemson are locks to stay in. About the only thing the committee can do to spark interest is put Ohio State at 4 ahead of Washington, which seems silly considering how well the Huskies are playing, but it fits the committee’s M.O. of drumming up interest.

At this stage, it’s hard to see anything other than a final four of Alabama, Clemson, Washington and Ohio State or Michigan.But goofy things happen late in the season.

Just ask the Aggies.

NFL recap: The Cowboys did not have to do much to beat the Cleveland Browns, but they did not mess around and never let Cleveland make a game of it. The Cowboys are quietly looking like the class of the NFC. New England is the class of the AFC, but the Raiders got a signature win over Denver and seem to be improving every week. The Texans biggest threat in the AFC South pulled off a nice win, upsetting the Packers at Lambeau.The Colts are now 4-5. The best part about this game? The squirrel. For a fun recap of all the games, check out our friends at

Betting recap: One game under .500 on our sports plays for the week, so a losing weekend.  We got really unlucky on a couple games, but that’s life. The Breeders’ Cup did not go well, either. We were close on a lot, but never really got the big bad wolf. We will take one more shot on Delta jackpot day in a couple weeks and then shut down the ponies for the year.

Bad look: The Aggies were not happy with the officiating Saturday, and fist-pumping refs are never a good thing.

Really bad look: Former Rice kicker Chris Boswell once pulled off one of the best onsides kicks ever in college. Yesterday for the Steelers he tried the same thing. Perhaps the worst ever.

Bloody penguins: Lose your woman and get an ass kicking to boot? If you have not seen it, the homewrecker penguin footage is a must. Even the narration is funny.

State of confusion: Ever wonder what people think of your state? This map tells all.  Hard to argue with some of these.


In honor of our penguin:

“A true romantic will break the rules for the right reasons. He will not conform to the ideals bestowed upon him by society. Instead he will fight for a climate of freedom that allows him to pursue and obtain his heart’s true yearning. He will appear incorrect in his upright form, but such perception only through the eyes of those travelling under the hypnotic notion of social paradigms. Do not judge he who is breaking the rules, rather try to understand his motivations. If his intent is pure then his fight is not in vain.”

― Nicole Bonomi



1 Comment on College football madness, the worst onsides kick ever (and the best), a squirrel, an awesome penguin war and much more: The update for Nov. 7

  1. Was A&M looking ahead? Or just doing what A&M does – receive a glimmer of respect and then prove they don’t deserve that respect?


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