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Things millennials are clueless about


About two weeks ago, I had some plumbing work done in my home.  I told my son not to use the commode for a few days.  My son (young adult) looked puzzled. I thought he needed clarification so I said, you cannot use the commode because the seal needs to set and dry.  Again, he looked confused.  Suddenly, it hit me. I asked “do you know what a commode is?” He said no.  All I could do was chuckle and tell him a commode is a toilet.

That exchange made me think of things some (young) millennials are unfamiliar with.

Phone busy signal

Nothing made a Generation X’r more pissed than to hear a busy signal.  I am not sure if it was only me, but it seems like the phone was only busy when it was an important situation. Phone busy signals also caused a lot of arguments because we learned that people simply took their phone off the hook if they didn’t want to be bothered.  Taking your phone off the hook was the manual version of caller ID.

No Caller ID

I mentioned Caller ID earlier. Could a millennial survive in 2016 without caller ID?  There was a time approximately 20 years ago if your phone rang you didn’t know who it was on the line.  Caller ID is so routine now, it probably doesn’t even have a name. I can remember when caller ID was first made available to the public. I thought I was sophisticated.


*69 was a landline feature that allowed you to call back the last person who called you.  *69 was available before caller ID.  With the invention of caller ID, *69’s useful function gradually diminished.  There was no longer a need to have *69 if you had caller ID.


If you were to instruct your kid to go sit on the divan, they’d probably go sit on the front porch.   Growing up, sometimes my grandmother referred to the sofa and couch as a divan.


Some millennials may know this word but a lot of younger ones do not.  Supper was dinner.  


Britches were pants.


In the ’80s and ’90s before R&B Singer Sisqo made thongs a household name, thongs were sandals.


The carburetor was replaced by an automobile’s fuel injection system.

Water hose Water

After playing all day outside, if you needed to be hydrated, you would simply go on the side of the house, turn on the water hose and drink. And you lived.  If you witnessed a kid drinking from a water hose in 2016, chances are you would alert authorities.


In Texas, if you messed up in school, teachers had the authority to pop you with a wooden board.  Try explaining to kids in 2016 that adults use to hit you with a stick and let me know how that works out.

College Registration Lines

Believe it or not, before phone registration, you had to stand in a very long line to register for class.  Nothing pissed you off more than standing in a long line for hours, only to be told “the class is full.”

I always get caught up in nostalgia of the way things used to be.  I am sure; this list can be expanded but it’s funny how things have vanished in the span of 20 years.

5 Comments on Things millennials are clueless about

  1. Great read bro


  2. Stephan Kotin // November 7, 2016 at 5:36 pm // Reply

    You do know that a Millennial is someone born between 1980-2000. So we’ve experienced most of these!


  3. I told a story about a collect call I received years ago Then I had to explain what a collect call was.


  4. What about having to send messages on a pager via number code and trying to decipher it, Basically texting before texting was a thing.


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