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An election-free day with Rockets winning, some great local bands, Astros rumors, gambling plays and bear…naked? The update for Nov. 10

Twelve Years Driven is a terrific band. They will headline a strong show that also features Mad Sons on Saturday.

OK, it’s two days later, so this update will be totally election/Trump free. After that sentence, of course. I mean, you can’t really promise people you are going to be free of something and not mention it, right? And then there’s the headline, of course, but other than that… No, really. No more. Fun stuff from here on out. Here we go:

download-10One of the things I have been saying about the Rockets is they are going to be the kind of team that is capable of losing to the Lakers (um, opener) but also capable of surprising us and beating the Spurs and Warriors on occasion. They are now a Texans-ish 5-3 after doing just that — well, half of that — in beating the Spurs 101-99 last night. (They have not beaten the Warriors yet, but you get the point). James Harden continues to be a playmaking machine in Mike D’Antoni’s offense. He had another 15-assist game to go with “only” 24 points and 12 rebounds. He also had another eight turnovers, which is an alarming number, but as long as they are winning they can live with that. It’s hard to say how good this team can be. They are still inconsistent defensively, but offseason additions Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon have added much-needed offensive spacing. They are better than last year’s team, at least so far. A 5-3 mark with seven of your first eight on the road is strong. Are they good enough to beat the Spurs in a seven-game series? No. But the season is early, and they should get better over time. Early returns (NOT an election reference) are pretty good.

If I had a vote...(Again, not a reference) To cast on my favorite local bands, it would go to Twelve Years Driven and Mad Sons, both of which are playing as part of a nice lineup Friday night. Check them out; you will not regret it. If I weren’t going to be in Jacksonville, I would actually leave my little bubble downtown to go see them. This gives you a chance to support local acts and see a great show. And if you hang around after and meet the band, let them know you are a blitzer. They are very cool people.

Speaking of the swing state: (No, really. I am going to Florida. That’s not an election reference). I will be heading out to Jacksonville early tomorrow, so the update will either be posted late tonight or later than usual tomorrow. There will also be a betting guide at some point. Please be patient. Technically this is a vacation but I will get it done, maybe on the plane, and get it posted at some point.

Gamblin’ possibilities: So far looking at the following games as possible plays: Charlotte -10.5 over Rice (this is the worst Owls team in years and Charlotte is pretty solid. Plus it is a tough road trip). Marshall plus 9.5 hosting Middle Tennessee (Marshall is playing better of late and MTSU will be without their stud quarterback who was injured last week. Still would like to see this number get outside 10). Vanderbilt plus 3.5 at Missouri and Penn State -7 at Indiana. If I die on the plane, you at least have a few plays for the weekend. And winning, er, trumps losing every time? (OK, really, just a coincidence).

Astros rumors: We mentioned this yesterday, but the Astros have been linked to several big free agent names or big time players available in trade. Since this ownership group has never shown an interest in spending money, I might pump the brakes on this a little. If they actually sign someone or trade for a big contract, I will retract this statement. But based on their M.O. so far, expect them to be mentioned in a lot of big stuff but settle for some lesser lights. A big time bat and a top three rotation arm might make them a World Series team, but it remains to be seen if they will actually pull the trigger. When it comes to money, they have been very…conservative?

Can you bear this?: OK, so maybe the headline at the top was misleading. But a bear has to be naked, right? Unless someone dresses it up. Which did not really happen here. Regardless, our animal update of the day involves a koala bear. Cute. Cuddly. Vicious. Will rip your eyes out and feed them to its young. You have been warned…Speaking of animals, how about the Michael Phelps of Pit Bulls? Maybe he was just trying to swim to the safety of another country in the wake of…no, not going to do it.


In honor of people who are still upset about…um, NOT the election. We aren’t talking about that at all. Really…

“Why, Johnny Ringo, you look like somebody just walked over your grave.”

Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday in Tombstone

You can watch the scene here. I love that movie. It gets my vote as one of the best…oh, never mind. Enjoy your day.

8 Comments on An election-free day with Rockets winning, some great local bands, Astros rumors, gambling plays and bear…naked? The update for Nov. 10

  1. Great article as always, Fred!

    One small error ” capable of losing the the Lakers “


  2. You can delete my comment, and this one!


  3. Fixed thanks


  4. Fred- Love the write ups and the the webpage. You are leaning on Penn State. What do you think about the over in that game? Penn State has a good chance of scoring at least 35-42 points, leaving Indiana scoring 21 or over.


  5. Julian Rodriguez // November 10, 2016 at 4:01 pm // Reply

    Keep up the good stuff, Fred!


  6. Like it. Both offenses have been pretty good of late.


  7. Thanks Fred, I am starting to look forward to these updates more and more!


  8. Thanks fellas. Just trying to keep them fun.


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