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Final election observations

Editor’s note: Lamont Mann has followed the election fervently and these are his opinions on the final result. As always, his opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the web site, its owners or advertisers.


Thank God this election is over.  If I hear “tremendous” or “emails” one more time, I may have to be physically restrained.

As I followed events leading up to the election and election coverage, there were a few things I observed:

In the weeks leading up to the election, Donald Trump hit blue states.  At the time, many figured he was trying to get any support he could because Hillary Clinton was the pre-determined the winner.  In hindsight, it looks like Trump’s internal polling confirmed he would hold the southern states. Hillary on the other hand pretty much stayed in blue states if she got out at all.  Most are not discussing this but Hillary was not as visible as Trump.  She rarely traveled and her events drew small to modest crowds at best.   Leading up to the election, Trump outworked her.

Hillary had a few events with celebrities. There were notable names like President Obama, Michelle Obama, various musicians, Oprah Winfrey and a few others stumped for her.  One thing I noticed, all of them said “you may not like her, but…” It hit me, Hillary like Donald, was disliked and her side knew it. I cannot think of a time in a major election where I heard anything like that.  Even with Donald — who is also disliked — I never heard it.  

Election coverage started smoothly; everyone seemed to be in unison with Hillary winning the presidency.  States were flowing in and votes were counted.  Approximately 9 p.m., everything came to a stop.  They waited on Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania results.  Nearly three hours elapsed before another update occurred.   I believe news networks were milking their audience for ratings and creating drama.  Those states could have been called earlier — especially since they were Eastern and Central time zone states

The big story was the Hispanic turnout. The Hispanics had a huge increase in turnout, which supposedly meant bad news for Donald because of his previous comments about Hispanics.  The comments could have been the reason for the increase, however Hispanics are big time Catholic.  Catholics are vehemently against abortion and Hillary supports abortion.  In addition Wikileaks revealed that Hillary’s campaign made fun of Catholics via emails.  I do not believe the increase in Hispanic turnout increase broke for Trump but I do believe Trump captured some of the turnout.

Another thing that is going under the radar: Trump has tons of dissenters in his own party.  Most of his supporters did well and some of them that distanced themselves from him did not.

The GOP won the Presidency, and retained the House and Senate and have a total of 26 Governor seats.  Trump will likely have at least 2-4 Supreme Court Justice picks.  The GOP had a good night.  I started thinking about President Obama’s executive orders; the President was aggressive with executive orders. I have always debated with my friends that this is not good and you must think about the future.  Now we have an egomaniac in control of both bodies of congress and will shape the Supreme Court.  I do not believe Donald will take advantage of executive orders but it is certainly something to think about when “your” guy is in control and using them.

All in all, it was a very interesting year in politics and this election has taken a physical toll on me.  I follow politics 24/7, 365.  I am not affiliated with a party and I hate party politics but the political maneuvering captivates me.  

I also realized in this election your past may not be as weighted as it used to be.  In the past, neither one of these candidates would have made it to this stage for as much baggage they have.  Are we becoming a more passive nation when it comes to vetting our politicians?

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