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Brock Osweiler is causing a Civil War in Houston

Editor’s note: Lamont Mann gives his take on Brock Osweiler and the polarizing effect he is having on Texans fans.


Brock Osweiler looked terrible against the Jaguars in a win. Osweiler threw for less than 100 yards with no interceptions and two touchdowns. If you didn’t watch the game, you would think he had a solid day and the Texans run game was phenomenal, and you would be incorrect.

During and after the game, I observed social media in addition to a few post-game shows.  There are two distinct factions in Houston in regards to Osweiler:

The “basically still a rookie” take

These fans are willing to overlook Osweiler’s suckage in exchange for a win.  If you speak of his contract in the total amount of $74 Million, they will quickly remind you it is only guaranteed for $37 Million.  When things get bad like yesterday, they will bring up the fact that it’s not all Osweiler ’s fault.  I do agree with “its not all his faul,” the offensive line was getting destroyed and DeAndre Hopkins does not look the same.  All of that said, their money quote is “Brock Osweiler is basically still a rookie.”  Without intending to insult anyone, I must say that’s the dumbest sh– I have ever heard.

I truly believe some fans are forcing themselves to like Osweiler  because of his price tag.  His price tag says “Franchise QB” or “My Quarterback” and those fans are going to defend him to the very end.  For example, we got better play out of Brian Hoyer at a cheaper cost and most of Houston crushed him, but the Texans were not invested in him.

The “Osweiler is trash” take


Never forget

I fall in this category. Of course, I’m happy with the win. Of course, I like being 6-3. Of course, I like being in first place in the division.  That said, you know what I would like even more?  I would like knowing that I’m not going to get my teeth kicked in during the playoffs, which is inevitable if this team makes.  Unlike Bill O’Brien, who has this city repeating the same mumbo jumbo of “one week seasons,”you do have to look at the bigger picture: Osweiler is horrible.

Osweiler is so bad; he has made winning feel like losing.  Currently, after a win, it feels damn near worse than losing. Personally, I feel worse after a win because I had to invest three hours into bad offensive play and I see no way in hell for this team to compete in the playoffs. And it is not just me; a lot of people apparently agree.

In hindsight, I completely understand why Gary Kubiak benched Osweiler for Peyton Manning.  Some may say that Brock was playing well but I wonder if “well” is compared to Brock’s standards.

All in all, fans are at odds with each other over  Osweiler and the Texans.  I agree it is not all on Osweiler but a lot of it is.

3 Comments on Brock Osweiler is causing a Civil War in Houston

  1. Julian Rodriguez // November 14, 2016 at 4:46 pm // Reply

    This was perfectly put.


  2. Travis porter // November 14, 2016 at 6:09 pm // Reply

    Spot on


  3. Yeah, this was dead-on. Good write-up!


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