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After further review…the Texans still lost. Don’t lase me, bro…Rockets win, Tom Herman news and nudity you do not want to see: The update for Nov. 22

The Texans new rallying cry: Don't lase me, bro...

The Texans were getting tired of hearing how they were the worst 6-3 team in football. At least now there are other teams in the discussion for worst 6-4 team (we are looking at you, Dolphins).

The Texans lost 27-20 to the Oakland Raiders in Mexico City on Monday night, in what on the surface appears to be yet another primetime failure. They were outplayed in the fourth quarter when it mattered most. Bill O’Brien continued to make one questionable call after another, and Brock Osweiler was lucky to have just one interception.

Despite the loss, however, the Texans should actually be encouraged.

For the first time this season, they were competitive against a good team on the road. (Yes, it was a neutral site, but make no mistake, this was a road game).

They did not fold when they had the inevitable fumbled kickoff. They fought back when they were down 10-3 and eventually took a 17-10 lead. They showed some heart.

In the end, however, they could not overcome O’Brien’s bumbles and an officiating crew that got every 50/50 call wrong.

The Texans should have had a touchdown from DeAndre Hopkins, who the officials ruled stepped out of bounds at the 36 and blew the whistle, making the play non-reviewable. The Texans had to settle for three.

In the first half, they appeared to get a first down, but were ruled short. O’Brien did not challenge, then inexplicably punted.

With the game tied 20-20 in the fourth, twice the Texans appeared to get a first down in Raiders territory. Both times they were ruled short. On fourth down they challenged, and somehow the play was not overturned, even though they clearly got the needed yardage.

Finally, O’Brien stupidly punted late in the game on fourth and four, putting a gassed defense back on the field. Ball game.

Fans always love to rant against officials, but in this game they actually had a beef. The Texans simply are not good enough to overcome that and their own coach’s miserable game management. Oh, and the constant laser from the stands. Maybe Trump should build that wall to keep NFL teams out of Mexico. Or maybe Brock should have paid Dr. Evil the one billion dollars.


Then again, he would not have been able to afford this outfit…


Please. Make me stop using this.

So with all that in mind, it might have been a loss, but it was still a positive effort. The Texans could have folded many times, but they did not. They showed some rare life on offense. Defensively, they were great at times, pathetic at others. (As good as Bernardrick McKinney is, he should never be on the field in coverage on third downs). A couple late breakdowns were simply too much to overcome.

But unlike the other three road losses against good teams — at New England, Denver and Minnesota — The Texans competed. They did all they could to overcome everything that went wrong. They had a chance to win the game. They just weren’t good enough.

Loss aside, it was a positive step. At 6-4, they still lead the AFC South. If this Texans team shows up more often in the second half of the season, they might actually have a chance to be something. It was not enough Monday night against the Raiders. It might be enough against the remainder of their schedule.

Hey, how about those Rockets? You probably missed it watching the Texans game, but the Rockets pulled out a surprising win over Detroit. They did their best to give it away, but they had some key stops to pull it out late.

Can UH keep Herman? If it is just about money, yes. But obviously there are a lot of factors involved.

An original blitzer: Check out our good friend Rey Rey’s blog. The original official comedian of The Blitz.

In the air tonight? If you are traveling for Thanksgiving, this is a list of the 100 best airports in America. (Some flaws off the top; Atlanta and Denver are among the worst and have no business being rated that high). Minneapolis should be No. 1. Hobby should be ahead of Bush. But hey, it’s a poll. We all know how those work out…

Naked and I am afraid: Some things we just do not want to see. Naked Yale students has to be pretty high on that list.


“Anyways, the key to this plan is the giant laser.”

-Michael Myers as Dr.Evil in Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery




4 Comments on After further review…the Texans still lost. Don’t lase me, bro…Rockets win, Tom Herman news and nudity you do not want to see: The update for Nov. 22

  1. There was no nudity!!!!!! How dare you get my hopes up like that….


  2. Added a better link just for you. Enjoy. Or don’t.


  3. Fred, I could smell another primetime blowout another national game where the Texans didn’t show up, but that’s not what we got. Those players played their butts off against an opponent most are touting to be a great team this year. If not for a few predictable bone head decisions from O’Brien and some blatently bad calls by the refs we should be 7-3 not 6-4. The end result was not what I wanted but it still left me with a sense of hope that this team can get it going inspire of our coaching deficiencies.


  4. Should read Can get it going despite our coaching deficiencies. Couldn’t figure out how to edit on here


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