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Bill O’Brien is Houston’s problem

Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is frequent contributor to Houston Sports and Stuff. Today he weighs in on the Texans.

I have flirted with it for far too long.  Over the last three years I have tried to pinpoint what is wrong with the Houston Texans. Bill O’Brien is the problem.

After Gary Kubiak, I thought O’Brien was a godsend, but he’s not. The only thing he does well is take the local media’s “milk money.”  He bullies the media. He is tough and hard on the local media but when it comes to speaking on officiating, we receive “I’m just a third-year coach” and “I don’t want to be fined.”


Houston loves to bring up the fact that O’Brien brought Penn State back.  I’ve looked at Penn State’s record. He did not bring them back — he prevented them from falling into oblivion.  

The one strength a few around town like to bring up is that he is winning with subpar quarterbacks.   They are referencing Keenum, Yates, Weeden and a few more.  I believe he can win with those types of QBs because he has not fully indoctrinated them in his system.   How in the hell do your starters struggle but brand-new guys win?

Game/Time Management

I thought Kubiak made in-game bonehead decisions. O’Brien is worse.  I remember O’Brien’s first year in Houston; he hammered on communication between the coaching staff.   This is beyond puzzling because there are too many missed challenges and awkward decisions at pivotal and routine points of games.


For as much as I crush Brock Osweiler, I’ve changed.  Yes, I still think Osweiller looks bad but I do not believe there can be a “good” QB under O’Brien. In other words, outside of a Hall of Fame great like Tom Brady, I think most QBs would fail under this coach.   Think about it; three years, four different starting QBs.  I do not believe Derek Carr, Teddy Bridgewater hell even Marcus Mariota (if he entered the draft in 2014) would have succeeded under O’Brien.  

I believe the Texans are a good franchise but O’Brien is their Achilles heel.  He will win 8, 9 maybe 10 games but I do not expect much more than that.

From the outside looking in, O’Brien is flawed with indecision on and off the field.  He makes tons of WTF decisions on and off the field that leave fans scratching their heads.

O’Brien is not a good coach, he’s a “40 Degree Day” coach. #Average.

2 Comments on Bill O’Brien is Houston’s problem

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I think all these prime time games has shown the real Bill O’brien. Monday night especially. John Gruden wanted to phone down a couple times to ask, what the hell are you doing?


  2. Houston’s problem is bringing in first time NFL head coaches. Kubiak admitted that he learned what he did wrong after going to Bal. Bring in a guy that has experience


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