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Commentary: Fidel Castro will have a special place in hell

150304182231-18-fidel-castro-0304-restricted-super-169Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is a frequent sports and political contributor to Houston Sports and Stuff. In this piece he weighs in on Fidel Castro. As always, his views do not necessarily reflect the views of the owners of this Web site or its advertisers.


Over the weekend, Cuba’s President Fidel Castro died at the age of 90.  Everything that could be said about Castro’s legacy has been said.

I was shocked at what I observed on social media.  Surely, you would think a dictator like Castro would garner at least 90% of American consensus, but as usual it appeared split down the middle.

One side believes he was a brutal dictator while the other side believes he was a liberating revolutionist. Both sides are right in their own ways.

My Thoughts on Fidel Castro

First off, I picture Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, Robert Mugabe, Andrew Jackson, Adolph Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Benito Mussolini and American Slave Owners all sitting at poker table awaiting Castro’s arrival, IN HELL.

Castro defenders are so busy romanticizing Castro, they forget or are ignorant of the part where he threw Cubans in prison or had you killed if you were a political dissenter.  I even had people try to tell me he only killed people that tried to kill him.  I have worked with Cubans directly negatively affected by Castro’s regime and  they were not involved in a plot to “off” Castro.  

I totally believe a President has the right to protect his/her nation’s sovereignty but I do not believe in disciplining citizens for opposing opinions.  America tried to assassinate Castro, therefore he has the right to protect himself by all means.

One of the most odd takes many bring up, “Cuba has excellent healthcare and education.” I am told that Cuba’s literacy rate is 98% compared to the United States’ 86%.  

I look at this a few ways. Cuba is an isolated country, at least up until approximately a year ago when President Obama lifted traveling restrictions, Before that, American citizens had to jump through hoops in order to visit Cuba.  The majority of things I’ve heard  of Cuba came by way of Liberal Media, Jay Z, Beyonce, Sean Penn, Danny Glover and few more entertainers. You know, people who are rich as f—.   Exactly what do you think the controlled Cuban government is going reveal to them?  Cuba is damned near as isolated from the world as North Korea; the only people I can truly trust are Cuban Americans.

As far as the comparison of literacy rates, some in this country have no concept of “apples to apples.”How in the hell can you seriously compare Cuba, whose population is 11.4 million to America’s nearly 400 million?  That’s like comparing the United States to New York City.

I have common sense. When I see people risk life and limb to escape a country, that tells me everything is not as “peachy” as we are led to believe.

Daily on Twitter, I bitch about subjects from sports to federal politics. I do not fear for my life., I have that right.  If I was in Cuba criticizing Castro during his reign, I would be thrown into the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s amazing; citizens in this country will complain about Human Rights, Gay Rights, Freedom Of Speech, voting and overlook countries who are notorious abusers of those very things.

I have no bad feelings about people who support Castro. Actually, I believe this is more of an indictment on the United States’ education system.  America has a serious issue with white washing and distorting history via propaganda, but what I am seeing now is blatant historical ignorance.  

In the end, we know how this story ends. Some vendor will slap Castro’s face on a T-Shirt and make millions. Define Poetic Justice: A devout Communist who defied American Capitalism biting the dust on one of America’s biggest commercial days.

Black Friday.

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