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Speculating on the next UH coach, a toe job, confused goats and alien reptiles: The update for Nov. 29

Dana Holgorsen is one of the most interesting names to come up in the UH coaching search.

Some big names have emerged in speculation for the University of Houston coaching job, vacated when Tom Herman left to go to Texas.

Joseph Duarte of the Houston Chronicle listed several possibilities. 

Here is what he wrote specifically: “While no official list has been compiled, potential candidates could include West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen, former Baylor and UH coach Art Briles, Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen, Tulsa coach Phillip Montgomery, Washington State coach Mike Leach, California coach Sonny Dykes, SMU coach Chad Morris, Oklahoma offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley, and Colorado defensive coordinator Jim Leavitt.”

Two names jump off the list if they are truly interested: Holgorsen and Mullen.

Holgorsen spent one season at UH as offensive coordinator under Kevin Sumlin. He has steadily improved the Mountaineers each season. He would be a home run hire.

Mullen would as well. He was Tom Herman before Herman, an Urban Meyer offensive coordinator who has had some terrific seasons at Miss. State, which plays in the toughest division in college football.

Either guy would instantly have the most talented team in their conference for the first time in their careers.

The reality is those names have likely been floated so that both guys can get better deals elsewhere. The Oregon job is about to open as well, and both figure to be in the mix for that one. However, if UH was able to land either coach, it would be an amazing coup.

There will be a heavy push by some to bring back Briles, but the stench of the Baylor scandal is too much. It would be a terrible PR move. Of the other names listed, Oklahoma’s  OC Riley is the most intriguing.

Both Holgorsen and Mullen would not come cheaply. Holgorsen makes close to $3 million per year, and Mullen $4 million. But UH has shown it is willing to spend. The smart money says neither guy winds up here, but those are big names to be associated with the school. Holgorsen and West Virginia were unable to agree on a contract extension last spring, and the current WVU AD is not who brought him in. Plus, he liked his time in Houston, so that one may have some legs. It should be an interesting few weeks, but with names like that in the mix, UH fans should be intrigued. At least they are aiming high.

Wrapping up Herman: One of the worst takes that has emerged in the wake of Herman going to UT is the “well, if UH had gotten into the Big 12, he would have stayed.” Not a chance. UT was always a destination job. He would have left any job in the country for that one. Hopefully he does very well there.

It figures: Just in time for the struggling Texans to go to Lambeau, the also struggling Packers seemed to figure it out last night, beating a good Philly team 27-10.

Some props: Last week on air I called out a really good restaurant, Weights and Measures, for terrible service. Several other people told me they had the same problem there once I did it. To their credit, they reached out and vowed to fix the issues. I respect people who will admit mistakes and try to correct them.  So if they are willing to do that, I am willing to say they deserve another shot. The food and atmosphere are fantastic and hopefully the service will match that from now on. It was one of our go-to places downtown for over a year.

Feet fail me now: If you have listened to the show, you know I hate feet. God’s biggest mistake. And toes are a big reason. Whatever you do, NEVER send me an amputated toe. Never.

Duck, duck, goat? I get gender confusion. But species confusion? This goat has issues.

“It may well be an oddly shaped rock.” That will not stop conspiracy theorists from claiming there is a reptile on Mars.


(In honor of UH hunting big game).

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”

— Michelangelo

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