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Astros news, Rockets, local music, three shame bells of the week, angry hippos, crazy exes, the best YouTube video ever and more: The update for Nov. 30

The one Houston pro sports team that has a legitimate shot at a championship is in the news again. The Astros were reportedly in the mix for Yoenis Cespedes, who re-signed with the Mets. They are also weighing making a move for Chris Sale, perhaps trading one of their young stars.

The Cespedes news we will take with a grain of salt. The Astros have been “in” on several big names the past few years and have not closed the deal. They are also reportedly “in” on slugger Edward Encarnacion.

There are also reports they are in discussions to trade for Chris Sale. This is the kind of move that could win a World Series. If it costs Alex Bregman or George Springer? So be it. An ace at the top of the rotation would make all the difference in the world. If they can add another big bat as well, they will have one of the most potent lineups in baseball.

The good news is the Astros do not have to do anything. They are already in a good spot, and can always make a move at the trade deadline. The cool thing? They are worth talking about again, and are making news in football season. And unlike the paper tigers that are the Texans, they actually are real contenders.

Rockets get rolled: James Harden had another good game, but the Rockets were thumped by an improving Jazz team.

Big local show: Our friends with Twelves Years Driven — a terrific local band — are heading up a show on Dec. 3. They are worth checking out.

On to the three shame bells of the week:

Seantrel Henderson is a Buffalo Bills lineman who is battling Crohn’s disease. He also has received a 10-game ban for violating the league’s drug policy.

Henderson was using medical marijuana to help with his disease.

The NFL is a joke on many issues. This is one of them. That Henderson can’t play because he is legally using medication for a debilitating disease is an absolute joke. This is one where common sense needs to come into play. That rarely happens in the NFL.

Shame Bell 1.


Houston drivers are the worst. Period. I am lucky to be alive because of these knuckleheads. Downtown has gotten really bad. People constantly run red lights, and I see at least three t-bones a week. Don’t be in such a damned hurry. It’s better to be late than carted off to the hospital. I sincerely hope this person is OK, because that’s a damned big truck.

cycjcjtusai8k39Please be safe on the roads, people. Especially downtown. Do not run red lights. This is what happens. To those of you who do…

Shame Bell 2.


You have won the game. You dribble out the clock. You celebrate. Then you find out…whoops, we were behind by one. That actually happened in a college basketball game.

Shame Bell 3.


Escapism: If you haven’t tried an escape room, these things are fun. Took the kids to one on Saturday and we got out with seconds to spare. (Thanks to help from the random two ladies who we did not know).

15181709_934025303396269_6030152548234614198_nRegardless, this is the second time we have done it and had an absolute blast both times. If we don’t get out once, it might not be as much fun, but so far two for two.

Hungry, hungry hippo: Always love animal encounters. This did not end well.

Breaking up his hard to do: Remember when Bob Griffin was a good quarterback? Yeah, me either. We all have crazy exes; this one takes the cake. Creating a Twitter account just to call him out…

And just because…My all-time favorite YouTube video. Makes me laugh ever time.


“Can we go back to using Facebook for what it was originally for – looking up exes to see how fat they got?”

— Bill Maher

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