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Just say no to Briles, praise for Tilman Fertitta for making the UH coaching search interesting, a big news announcement, UFOs in Houston and much more: The update for Dec. 1

Joseph Duarte of the Houston Chronicle has done a terrific job on the University of Houston coaching search. Yesterday he sat down with Tillman Fertitta to get an update and has great detail. 

Fertitta has been a breath of fresh air for UH. He has big goals, is remarkably open about candidates and has really helped raise the program’s profile as much as anyone.

The key names appear to be current coordinators Major Applewhite and Todd Orlando, former LSU coach Les Miles, West Virginia’s Dana Holgorsen and former Baylor coach Art Briles. Of those, Holgorsen would be a major coup. Miles brings a national championship pedigree and would be intriguing.

The most polarizing would be Briles. The man can flat out coach, but as Fertitta says, there is a “clarity issue” there. Under no circumstances should he be considered for the job. When Briles first came to UH, the program was in shambles. He built it up, won a conference championship and started the school on the path it is on now.

But even if he was a “scapegoat,” Briles was in charge for one of the worst scandals in sports history. Multiple reports indicated he knew quite a bit. He has no business running a program. Hiring him would chase away a large percentage of the fanbase, which has finally grown to a point where there are enough people to fill TDECU Stadium.

The Houston job is too appealing to too many candidates to make a move like this. With Fertitta and Dr. Renu Khator involved, it’s unlikely Briles would even be considered. And he should not be. I am all for second chances in life,  but there are some crimes that are unforgivable. This is one of them.

Regardless,  it should be a fun couple of weeks. Fertitta’s involvement only makes it more intriguing.

Sticking around: If you missed yesterday’s Blitz, you missed the announcement that I have agreed to a contract extension that will keep me at Gow Media for as long as I choose to do radio. (Check out the podcast at the 5 p.m. hour). There was a recent opportunity that would have taken me out of Houston (and out of the radio business). The new deal means I won’t be going anywhere. At my age, there won’t be many other opportunities down the road. And the reality is, I don’t want them. The show has made many other things possible; this Web site, the audio book business, the novel, the movie and countless other ventures that are going to crop up over the next few years. It is a rare thing in life to work at a place where you are respected, treated well, compensated fairly and allowed the freedom to pursue other ventures. Leaving that for a big paycheck to work 70 hours a week does not make a lot of sense. While it is always nice to be wanted, sometimes you are already where you are supposed to be in life. I hope to have details on the book deal to share any day now. We will also be expanding the site after the first of the year with some awesome new contributors. As I said on the show, thanks so much to all the listeners. None of this would have happened without you.

Up early: A couple new submissions that we posted earlier this morning: A.J. Hoffman’s Week 13 Fantasy rankings and Lamont Mann on cutting the cord with big cable.

Brock and roll: The beginning has not been so good. Now Brock Osweiler wants to pen a “great ending” to the story that is the Texans season. As long as it does not end wearing this…


I can’t stop using this.

Put em up: Connor McGregor has gotten his boxing license in California. Speculation immediately turned to a possible fight with Floyd Mayweather. McGregor would have to get licensed in Nevada, since that is the only place Mayweather fights. But this might be a step toward what seemed like shameless publicity grabs turning into reality. We shall see.

Roid rage much? This bodybuilder was not happy with how his contest turned out. So he slapped a judge. 

Welcome, winter: Well, such as it is in Houston. It was actually cool this morning. It only took until Dec. 1. Looks like it will be another beautiful day in H Town. Gratuitous sunrise from the balcony photo…


And finally: A UFO in H-town? Probably a drone, but the tinfoil hats are out in full force.


(On careers and decisions. Felt this was damned appropriate and was said better than I ever could).

“You just have to keep trying to do good work, and hope that it leads to more good work. I want to look back on my career and be proud of the work, and be proud that I tried everything. Yes, I want to look back and know that I was terrible at a variety of things.”

— Jon Stewart



3 Comments on Just say no to Briles, praise for Tilman Fertitta for making the UH coaching search interesting, a big news announcement, UFOs in Houston and much more: The update for Dec. 1

  1. Outstanding piece sir. Very happy to hear your staying. I look forward to all your future endeavors.

    A loyal fan!


  2. Carlton Allen // December 2, 2016 at 5:09 pm // Reply

    Fred, Glad you are staying on the air in Houston. My son turned me on to the Blitz about 4 years ago. Took a few shows, mostly because it was in March and God knows there was nothing sports wise to talk about. But I do enjoy the show and appreciate the insight into gambling. I also appreciate the fact that you offer picks. Sometimes I use them and win, sometimes, not. But I do use them as another source of information and opinion about games. Headed to Vegas tonight. Planned trip a while back so I could bet on the Coogs in the AAC Championship game. Oops.


  3. Hah. Thanks man. Enjoy Vegas!


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