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Renouncing big cable TV

Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is a frequent contributor to Houston Sports and Stuff.


Not really! But I am making changes. Over the last few years, my cable bill has escalated out of control. I have suppressed my costs for a long time by threatening to go to my provider’s  competition. Usually, I negotiate my bill down, but this time I actually looked at how much I was spending annually for cable. It makes no sense.

My bill was right at $320 a month, that’s nearly $4,000 annually.  That’s a lot of money for something I receive minimal utility from.

I had over 400 hundred channels, and I only watched:

  • Smithsonian
  • Outdoor
  • NFL Network
  • Fox News
  • CNN
  • History Channel
  • Root Sports Network
  • Occasionally ESPN
  • Occasionally Local News

I rarely watch premium channels (HBO, Showtime, Encore, Cinemax, etc.)  because I have Netflix and Amazon Prime and a ton of movies/TV series in my personal catalog.

Netflix and other online streaming services have changed my viewing habits.   I think we have gotten to a point of saturation with cable; there are entirely too many channels to enjoy.  I much rather view programming ad hoc.


How will you live without me, Lamont?

After announcing I was no longer into BIG CABLE, some of my friends asked, “what about Game of Thrones and Power?” two shows I currently adore.  I plan  on subscribing to various streaming services for the duration of  a series I am currently watching or get them by “other” means.  It makes absolutely no economic sense to give someone $4,000 a year for something I rarely use.

I got rid of all of my premium channels and extras. I’m strictly basic cable and internet now.  Personally speaking, cable is an elastic product for me.

I avoided naming my service but just know, I will never switch to their other provider!

2 Comments on Renouncing big cable TV

  1. Larry Howard // December 2, 2016 at 2:08 am // Reply

    There are some good alternatives
    PS VUE and Sling TV. Cord cutting is getting better.


  2. Problem now is cable companies know people are switching to streaming services and so are just raising internet rates and lowering tv rates together because they own the only infrastructure. Thereby keeping overall prices the same and hurting streaming services.


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