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Praise for the Rockets, a record day on the site, Cowboys rolling, gambling plays, TV, a dirty beaver and more: The update for Dec. 2

Is James Harden being an MVP more important than the Rockets winning a title?

The Rockets did something amazing last night. They went into Oakland and knocked off the Warriors 132-127 in an epic double overtime thriller.

James Harden had a triple double with 29 points, 15 rebounds and 13 assists. Ryan Anderson poured in 29 as well and the Rockets dealt the mighty Warriors only their third defeat of the season in 19 games.

It is just one of 82 games, but this one stands out in a long, generally meaningless regular season. Going on the road and beating the best regular season team in basketball is no small feat.

I have said all along the Rockets are the kind of team that can beat the Spurs and Warriors and lose to the Lakers. And so far this season, that has been the case. But they sit 12-7, right in the middle of the Western Conference at this way-too-early to judge part of the season. They are still working in a new coach and new plays, and should get better as the season goes on. Could they beat the Warriors in a seven-game series? Of course not. But they did it for one night. And it sure was fun to watch.

Thanks to everyone: Yesterday was a record day on the web site, beating our old mark by almost 1,000 page views. (UPDATE: We have already eclipsed the record today, so we will have a new standard). Most of it was because of Ty Cloud’s excellent piece on what it is like to be a college football player when your coach leaves. It is truly a compelling story, and if you have not read it, shame bell for you. But everything else blew up as well. I can’t thank you guys enough for how you have embraced this site. It has grown faster than we could have imagined. The initial idea was to create a place where I could post my fiction and some of the articles that once appeared on the now defunct, give a voice to some talented people who you might not have heard of yet, talk about Game of Thrones with other nerds and provide a place where local advertisers could get a lot of bang for a very small buck. In two months time, we have exceeded all reasonable expectations. As a result, after the first of the year we will be putting more resources and bringing even more new talent to the site, and it is all thanks to you. (This is where I remind you if you want to advertise or contribute, email me at

downloadCan’t stop the Cowboys: It was not pretty, but the Cowboys got to 11-1 with a tough, ugly, grind it out 17-15 win over Minnesota. (They did not cover the spread. Those Vegas guys know their stuff). Yes, the Cowboys benefited from a bad Vikings turnover and a terrible no call on the last two point conversion attempt, but they did what really good teams do — found a way to win when they were not at their best. Do not be surprised if they are at NRG Stadium in February.

Gamblin’ on: There will be a gambling guide today. College plays I am looking at right now include Colorado plus 8, Okie State plus 11 and Virginia Tech plus 10. In the NFL, I am liking the Lions plus 6 and the over quite a bit. Still some research to do but will go into more detail later today.

p13108003_b_v8_aaTV update: Don’t know about the rest of you, but very disappointed in Westworld. It’s confusing, it drags and I still have no idea what is going on. The last few episodes have been a Walking Dead-like 40-plus minutes of nothing followed by a big reveal that is either obvious or makes no sense. I had high hopes for this show — after all, who doesn’t love sex robots — but I have to admit it is a disappointment…Meanwhile, Drunk History is one of the most clever shows on TV. This week’s was particularly good. If you aren’t on this, you should be. I would kill an endangered animal for the opportunity to be a guest drunk on that show.

And finally…There is nothing worse than an angry beaver. Yes, they look friendly and inviting and full of fun. But make it mad? All hell breaks loose.


“You tell ’em I’M coming… and hell’s coming with me, you hear?… Hell’s coming with me!”

— Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp in Tombstone


2 Comments on Praise for the Rockets, a record day on the site, Cowboys rolling, gambling plays, TV, a dirty beaver and more: The update for Dec. 2

  1. I’m still on Westworld, I binged watched the first 4 episodes and wasn’t necessarily hooked but I was intrigued enough to keep watching. I think the reason I watch it is to see if any of the theories I came up with came true. I don’t think I could watch another season of it though.


  2. Lumpy Space Princess // December 2, 2016 at 4:18 pm // Reply

    I got the under on that Utah/Colorado game. And Drunk History is awesome! Billy the Kid episode is probably my favorite.


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