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Astros continue bold off-season by signing Beltran

Carlos Beltran adds a big bat to the lineup.

It’s time to stop booing, Houston.

The Astros continued an aggressive off-season, signing free agent Carlos Beltran to a one-year deal. 

Beltran is a short term answer, but the slugger adds much-needed pop to the lineup. It is probably an admission they are out on Edward Encarcion, but that was always going to be a bidding war they were going to lose.

In reality, Beltran is the better addition. He will be on a one-year deal. He is not a long term answer, but the Astros are in win now mode.

Between the Yankees and Rangers last year, Beltran hit 29 homers and drove in 93 runs. Just getting close to that production makes him a valuable asset.

More importantly, the Astros will now be in position to deal Alex Bregman or George Springer to land a big pitcher, possibly Chris Sale of the Chicago White Sox. That kind of move in concert with Beltran would make them favorites to win the AL.

With the addition of Beltran to go with catcher Brian McCann, the Astros have added two key pieces to an already potent lineup. They now have a strong bullpen, great day to day offense and a solid starting pitching group. Add an ace to that? This team will be able to compete with anyone in the AL.

Astros fans have booed Beltran mercilessly for years, ostensibly for taking a much better deal with the Mets after a magical half-season in Houston.  It was silly, but it has not died. It should now.

Time to stop booing, Houston. Carlos Beltran is now an Astro.





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  1. Great article Fred


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