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O’Brien costs Texans a win in Green Bay

The Texan played hard. They tried.But they lost in Green Bay 21-13. They did everything right except score points.

They lost because Bill O’Brien can’t call plays. They lost because they could not stop the Packers when it mattered because their defense was once again gassed from being on the field too long.

And for another game, the Texans were outcoached.

It’ s time to admit O’Brien is overmatched. So is Romeo Crennel, but he is also playing shorthanded and his unit spends too much time on the field. The real problem is the Texans can not score. They try, but offensively they are terrible; probably the worst in the league.

O’Brien’s playcalling was predictable. And dumb. First down? Run the ball. There really is not much left to say about one of the most disappointing teams in the league. The quarterback is bad, the receivers can’t get open and don’t catch the ball in the rare times they do, and the coaching staff has them playing with one hand behind their backs.

O’Brien won’t get fired. He should, but it will never happen. For a guy who is supposed to be an offensive genius, his offense is a joke.

That is why the Texans lost. Don’t  get me wrong. The Packers are not good either. But the Texans? Going the wrong way. Well played, O’Brien. Well played.

9 Comments on O’Brien costs Texans a win in Green Bay

  1. The DC is not overmatched. HC is. If there was an essence of a QB this team would be good


  2. No good defense or defense of coordinator ahould have a way to pressure a QB and not allow that QB with one leg to stand in the pocket for more than 5 seconds.


  3. Definitely goes on O’Brien. I’m a Packers fan and as poorly as the Packers defense has been this year, this was the opportunity for the Texans to wake up out their offensive coma regardless of the weather conditions.


  4. Despite some terrible lapses, Crennel’s defense has at least stood its ground against some decent offenses. I think the injuries have taken their toll though.

    Osweiller on the other hand is absolutely terrible. I would argue that he is the worst QB the Texans have ever had, only thing keeping that distinction from being fact is that he’s only played 12 games. Having O’Brien as your head coach doesn’t help.


  5. Do you use spellcheck?


  6. Why are you worried about spell check bud why don’t you just read his articles and enjoy them. Damn I am a hostile human being on sundays being a Texans fan. Entire organization is a disaster starting with Rick Smith all the way down to the towel boy. Osweiler is terrible but this team is doing nothing at all to help him he is a sitting duck. O’Brien shouldn’t even be coaching high school. Much less NFL.


  7. Julian Rodriguez // December 5, 2016 at 7:47 pm // Reply

    Keep up the good stuff, Fred.


  8. I think they’re doing just fine


  9. Who is responsible for bringing Osweiler . I’ve been fooled by many backups who come in and are impressive for a few games but watching Denver last year never showed me anything really impressive about the guy. Were Smith and McNair just trying to screw over Kubiak ?


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