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Game of Thrones, Texans style

Editors note: Lamont Mann is  frequent contributor to Houston Sports and Stuff.

The HBO series is one of my favorite  TV shows.  The Houston Texans are my favorite team.   I was thinking how would it look if the Houston Texans high-profile figures were Game of Thrones characters?

ned-stark_640x480_71443426196Bob McNair – Ned Stark

Bob is gullible and will trust just about anyone until it hits the fan, then he will act. He is all about honor and integrity but ultimately ends up trusting the wrong people and gets put in a bad situations. Frequently makes idiotic moves that come back to bite him.


Cal McNair –  Myrcella Baratheon

Cal is that guy you will go a few years without even thinking of and all of a sudden, you see him at a press conference and you are like “hey, Cal , he’s Bob’s son.” From a fan’s point of view, he’s an non story.


Rick Smith –  Varys

I could have went another direction with Rick Smith; Rick  easily be recognized as Little Finger.  For some reason, I believe Varys has the ear of more people in power.   In addition to that, Rick seems to have a lot of spies feeding various media outlets.  Rick is pretty much untouchable internal and externally, but most importantly, he has the attention of people in power.


Bill O’Brien – Cersei Baratheon/Lannister

Hot head who is thought of as a savant because he comes from “good stock.”  Decisions on and off the field frequently lead to catastrophic consequences.  Weekly he is doing the “walk of shame” to postgame press conferences.

I could have very well labeled him Joffrey Baratheon.  An immature kid with no experience but is ordained therefore he treats people who disagree with him like scum and thinks his words are gold.


Brock Osweiler – Daenerys Targaryen

When you need a “feel good” speech after every game, Brock is your guy.  Brock will give you a speech to make you think all hope is not lost and the following week you will hear that speech again.  Just boring ass motivational speeches week after week.  Some think he’s easy on the eyes so they are willing to deal with him.

All in all, I’m a Texan fan but they are similar to Game of Thrones.  They are dysfunctional and all over the map and there is no clear view of who’s in charge .  Fans can get behind absolutely none of the major players in the Texans organization.

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